I acquired my new elliptical and also am loving it. However am curious as to how to to compare my workouts on it and also my treadmill. The elliptical procedures Revolutions per Minute and also my total Revolutions for each practice session. Is there simple (I hope) method to convert that come Miles per Hour or total mileage?I am love this new piece of equipment, but am really clueless around it. I offered Cardio Coach vol. 5 this morning top top it. It is now officially christened v sweat! thanks for any information you have the right to offer because that my newest toy. Sandra

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Hi Sandra...I have actually a Nordic monitor Elliptical and when I called them about this, i was called 1000 RPM"s amounts to 1 mile. I prefer iClimbs together they use various resistance levels throughout the workout rather of mileage. I uncover for me that simply works better...
Carole,Thank you so much for the information! that is an extremely helpful. I gained a Nordic monitor too, the 990. As far as workouts, Cardio Coach go by resistance levels too. Ns can also use the incline. The was just making me a little nuts wondering how it contrasted to the distances and also speeds ns was supplied to using through my treadmill. I knew ns was functioning as difficult as i could, but still couldn"t assist wondering how it compared. Pretty to recognize I remained in my variety on both pieces of equipment.I review somewhere friend can also go backwards on one elliptical. Is this a great idea? have you? ns don"t want to perform anything that would certainly be negative for it.Again, say thanks to you for your sort reply. Sandra

This is what ns do. I know for certain what is mine mile time in ~ a certain heart rate. So as soon as I"m top top the elliptical i just inspect my heart rate and also know the if it"s speak for example 160 then it"s most likely 8 min/mile and just go from there. Of course it is a rough guess but this is what ns do and also it seems to job-related for me.
My elliptical has resistance and incline. It deserve to be much more of a "flat" course or go as much as be much more like a stairmaster. As soon as I execute iClimb, I constantly know what resistance to set it on (I love that they call you) but I never recognize what incline to put it on because that maximum calorie burn and energy expenditure. Is it far better to be flatter or much more vertical? everyone have any kind of ideas?

>WhenI execute iClimb, I always know what resistance to set it top top (I>love the they phone call you) yet I never know what incline to put>it on because that maximum calorie burn and also energy expenditure. Is it>better to be flatter or an ext vertical? Anyone have any>ideas?Lorie, my knowledge is the the incline walk not impact calorie burn, in other words, increasing the incline does not rise the variety of calories burned. Adjusting the incline locations the focus on various muscles; the highest setup hits the glutes; midrange settings job-related glutes, quads, and also hams; and also the lowest places the focus on your calf muscles. HTH
Thanks, Michele!

How to measure up mileage ~ above a PRECOR elliptical??
GREAT question, and also one that i think around every time i jump off of my Precor!My Precor elliptical doesn"t measure up RPMs or mileage, it actions "strides". So, for example, if I perform CC Vol. 5 or 6 or PressPlay (any CC that runs around an hour), I"ll normally do between 8000 and also 8500 strides. Everyone have any idea how to transform that??http://www.clicksmilies.com/s1106/sport/sport-smiley-003.gif Kathy S. Http://planetsmilies.net/sport-smiley-5536.gif
RE: just how to measure up mileage top top a PRECOR elliptical??
Sandra...I think that is great sometimes to walk backwards top top the Elliptical. I have actually done that a few times simply for a few minutes together it make me feel prefer a spaz......Also you have the right to go by her heart rate prefer Mari said, to watch how tough you room working. That is if you keep track of that. I understand in the top resistances when I am pushing, i can get my heart price up about as high as once I am running hard. Kathy S...I know there room some Precor owners out there, probably they will see this to assist you convert!
RE: how to measure mileage ~ above a PRECOR elliptical??
>GREAT question, and also one that ns think about every time ns jump>off of my Precor!>>My Precor elliptical doesn"t measure RPMs or mileage, it>measures "strides". So, because that example, if I carry out CC Vol. 5 or 6>or PressPlay (any CC the runs about an hour), I"ll generally>do between 8000 and 8500 strides. >>Anybody have any kind of idea how to convert that??Kathy, I have a Precor, too! I uncovered out exactly how to transform strides to miles and/or kilometers -- click the link and scroll down to FAQ # 30 http://www.precor.com/cons/en/suppo...cText=how+many+strides+per+mile+on+elliptical
RE: exactly how to measure up mileage top top a PRECOR elliptical??
Yippee!!!! many thanks Michele!!!!!!! http://www.clicksmilies.com/s1106/sport/sport-smiley-003.gif Kathy S. Http://planetsmilies.net/sport-smiley-5536.gif

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RE: exactly how to measure mileage top top a PRECOR elliptical??
Thank girlfriend so much, all of you, for her thoughtful replies. It is for this reason nice to have actually a question and have such knowledgeable exercisers take the moment to share their knowledge. I truely evaluate it.Sandra