Frank Mars, founder that Mars, Inc. (originally referred to as Mar-O-Bar Co.), developed the Snickers bar in 1930.

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The liquid bar is called after among Frank Mars’ favourite horses, Snickers. Yet until 1990, the bar was sold under the name “Marathon” in the unified Kingdom, the Isle the Man, and also Ireland.


Snickers are sold in an ext than 70 countries and also annual worldwide sales total an ext than $2 billion, making that the best-selling candy bar in the world.


When it was an initial sold in 1930, a Snickers bar to be only 5 cents. Today, that costs about a disagreement or two.


A Snickers bar wasn’t always a single bar. For a short time between 1933 and 1935, that was offered as a two-piece bar and also called “Double Snickers.”


Peanuts are among the star ingredient in a Snickers bar, and each bar contains about 16 peanuts. About 100 loads of peanuts enter making the 15 million Snickers bars the are developed every day.

The pattern that creates on the bottom of every Snickers bar originates from the conveyer belt on which bars cool in ~ the Mars factory.


When the movie Shrek the Third was released in theatre in 2007, Mars, Inc. Presented a limited-edition Snickers bar that had a green-colored nougat layer.

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During the first Gulf war in 1991, every U.S. Soldier was sent out a frozen Snickers bar together a Thanksgiving treat.

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