This Minute Maid juice carton still consisted of 64 ounces, a full half-gallon, as of Jan. 2011, compared to other orange juices which had actually kept the same size carton however now contain just 59 ounces that juice


Tropicana orange juice cartons only contain 59 ounces the juice, contrasted to 64 oz. In Minute Maid cartons, as of Jan. 2011


This carton that Tropicana juice is as large as the Minute Maid one, however it only consists of 59 ounces of juice, rather of 64 oz., a half-gallon, previously the conventional size. This picture was shooting in Jan. 2011


During a Jan. 2011 sale, Tropicana orange juice was an ext expensive at a local grocery store, also though its 59 oz. Carton is smaller sized than Minute Maid's more traditional 64 oz. Carton. In ~ the constant $4.69 price, the juice costs 8 cent an ounce, compared to 6.8 cents an oz for Minute Maid


In Jan. 2011, this 64 oz. Carton the Minute Maid juice expense less than a an in similar way sized Tropicana carton, even though the Tropicana had actually only 59 oz. The juice. The Minute Maid was cheaper even before the store put both juices ~ above special.

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The fine publish from a Florida's organic orange juice carton in Jan. 2011, showing it includes only 59 ounces, contrasted to 64 ounces in various other juice containers.


A 59-ounce carton the Florida's herbal orange juice photographed in Jan. 2011, five ounces less than in the similar-sized carton of Minute Maid.


Florida's natural shelf tag native a local industry in Jan. 2011. The continual price that this juice is 6.8 cents ounce in that is 59-oz carton, contrasted to the Minute Maid juice at 6.3 cents per oz for the more traditional 64 oz. Carton

How lot would friend pay because that the waiting in your orange juice carton?

Really? not that much?

Well, you could be interested to understand that part orange juice producers have actually quietly downsized the quantity of juice you gain in a half-gallon carton indigenous the conventional 64 ounces to a 59 ounces.

Has the size of the carton decreased?

No, all cartons look at the same whether castle contain the complete half-gallon or not. You must read the fine print on the bottom come know how much liquid sunshine you’re actually obtaining in that box.

I i found it this when I was perusing grocery save ads, and also then went over to my local store to take it a look.

If you click on the on slide show, you deserve to see the results of my search.

Last spring, the computer mouse Print “truth in advertising” blog request Tropicana what to be up through its new, smaller sized size. The company said that unfavorable weather problems had required it to decrease the amount of juice come “maintain the price,” despite of course cutting the amount is no actually keeping the price of the product, it’s raising the price every ounce.

What perform you think?

Do you also care? perhaps no one mental one little bit.


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