Saint"s heat 2 Guide

Secret Mission: Revelation

There is one secret mission in Saints heat 2 that have the right to be prompted at any time. Completing it yields the “Vengeance” achievement on the Xbox 360 version, and it likewise counts in the direction of the 100% perfect rating.

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The beginning point for this mission is in the Stilwater Police station in the southwest quarter of the Saint’s row District.


Put away your weapon and enter the station. Do your method to the 3rd floor via the staircases in the room behind the circulation desk. Go into the room the is marked “Authorized Personnel Only.” The policemans in right here won’t shoot you, therefore head inside. You’ll be able to see three Saints markers. Was standing in every of these markers and listen come the wiretap conversations.

Afterwards, enter the office in the northeast corner of the room come spot one more Saints marker. Was standing in the marker and press Y/Triangle to choose up Julius’ record and include Dex’s number come the mobile phone.


Select “Phone” in the stop menu, open up up the Phonebook, and also call Dex indigenous there. He speak you to accomplish him at the old hideout, which is in front of Ultor copy, group tower.

After the cutscene, unit after unit that Masako formation members will enter the church. Friend must eliminate the squad members the one unit to challenge the next. The very first three devices consist of four or five squad members. They are all carrying assault rifles, so take it cover behind a pew if your health is low.

When you’ve survived three or for this reason waves, slightly larger Masako devices will show up outside. The very first unit access time the west side of the church, the 2nd the east, and the critical to the south. Don’t bother firing at the Ultor APC; just wait because that the squad to action out.

Right after protecting the church native three much more units, you are then challenged with an Ultor attack helicopter. The helicopter can endure a an excellent deal of damage, but it doesn’t it seems to be ~ to attack at all. Simply stand in the doorway and fire at the helicopter until it crashes. V the helicopter down, acceleration to Julius’ car.


You’re in charge of defending the vehicle from pursuers. The AR-50 XMAC you’ve been given has unlimited ammo, yet there really doesn’t it seems to be ~ to be a totality lot of require for a defender. Only Ultor APCs will really trail after ~ you, and they don’t it seems ~ to ever attack. Nevertheless, simply pelt the APCs through grenades until Julius crashes the car.

At this point, you’ll be surrounded by a chaos of Masako squad members. There room two assault helicopters flying overhead, and you’ll need to shoot lock both under to complete this mission. You have to be relatively safe native the formation members if friend head under to bottom the the amphitheatre, due to the fact that they don’t often tend to venture down into this area.

The helicopters here take just as long to damage as the one you challenged at the church. You still have actually that AR-50 XMAC with unlimited ammo, so perfect this objective is more tedious than anything.

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Shoot under both helicopters to finish the mission. Your reward is $30,000 and Julius’ car included to her crib garage.