Award-winning rapper Young Dro has actually an estimated net precious of $500 thousand. Young Dro, whose genuine name is D"Juan Hart, had actually a rough start in life. Young Dro was born in Bankhead Court, one infamous housing project in Atlanta. Young Dro thrived up in a big family, to say the least, he"s the second eldest the his mother"s 5 sons and also he"s the middle child that his father"s 21 children!

His mom works all hrs to keep the roof her children"s heads. In spite of this, Young Dro spent numerous of his childhood changing from one housing complex to another and at the period of 16, he to be shot in the stomach, no able come walk for practically a year. Because that the remainder that his teen and also early twenties, the talented rapper spent many of his life in prison.

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Growing up in poverty, enduring a near-death incident and also in consistent trouble through the law, Young Dro possesses a good talent in composing rap lyrics, sketching earlier to the ninth grade. Young Dro never took his music job seriously until he was motivated by his ideal friend chris Smith from rap duo Kris Koss. He didn"t waste any time in forging a career: Young Dro hooked up through rapper Raheem the Dream in the late 90"s. By 2002, he was signed come Raheem"s record label, chop IV Life Records and released his debut album, I got That Dro – making use of the stage name Dro.

Young Dro made tide with trusted rappers who ended up being instant fans. TI to be so impressed v his distinct style that he signed Young Dro his label, cool Hustle records (a division of Atlantic Records) in 2005. Transforming the phase name to Young Dro, he exit his 2006 debut album (Best Thang Smokin"). The first single indigenous the album, Shoulder Lean, to be well-received through BET and also MTV2. Shoulder skinny stormed in at no. 10 on the Billboard warm charts and stole the peak spot because that the warm Rap monitor chart. The second track, Rubberland Banks immediately followed, peaking in the rap chart at no.23.

This is not the an initial that Young Dro met TI – in reality they were finest pals because the 90"s, but they lost contact. Now the two effective rappers are rejoined after so plenty of years. This can be the start of a really beautiful relationship.

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Young Dro

Net Worth:$500 Thousand
Date that Birth:Jan 15, 1979 (42 years old)
Profession:Musician, Songwriter, record producer, Rapper
Nationality:United states of America

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