native left come right: Likkle Vybz, people Boss Jr., Shorty, Likkle Addi during a vacation in France previously this year.

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Vybz Kartel’s common-law mam Tanesha ‘Shorty’ Johnson, came out slaying for her Live interview v DJ Lava ~ above his Instagram show Chat & Laugh 2 days ago. Among other things, she confirmed that the Kartel household is functioning on a reality collection called The Palmers. 

The quick Boss Muzik CEO had the very laid-back interview at home looking quite sizzling in a pink crop top, equivalent bike shorts, and a short blond lace front with her makeup on fleek. Sipping on her champagne, Shorty dished out rather a lot and also stirred countless laughs as she entertained Lava and his viewers.

Johnson evidenced the development of a reality display with her youngsters entitled The Palmers. The production and also filming have already begun. However, the release date is however to be announced.

Kartel and also Shorty share 3 children. Namely, the firstborn is Jaheim Palmer, aka Likkle Vybz, Akheel Raheim Palmer, aka Likkle Addi, and Aiko Palmer, that is recognized as world Boss Jr.

The singer, whose actual name is Adidja Azim Palmer, has actually four more children with various other women.

Around the moment of his imprisonment in 2011, Kartel starred in his very own 13-week fact dating present called Teacha’s Pet. VICE defined it together “watching Jamaican females screaming in ~ each various other in tight clothing while an anaemic Vybz walk his best to ar some structural narrative over proceedings.”

DJ Lava’s conversation with Shorty also delved into life v the Worl’ Boss, that really has actually the title and also keys come the house, the unfortunate ns of their infant girl, the plenty of times that (Kartel) would certainly cry real-life tears during their spats and also the time she stabbed him with an ice pick plus much more.

Shorty additionally revealed she has actually two new album publication underway because that her boy prodigies Uptown Greatness/UTG (Likkle Vybz and Likkle Addi) and also rising dancehall newcomers Shaniel Muir, i m sorry she is specifically excited about.

Shaneil recently released her solitary Yamabella, which got a pretty nice buzz and also hit the trending charts ago when it dropped critical month top top June 18.

Tanesha ‘Shorty’ Johnson

Wanting to know more about quick Boss Muzik, Lava inquiry her how she acquired into music production. Shorty said back in the day when she and Vybz come house from a night that partying, the deejay would certainly head right right into the recording studio whereby she would join him. Top top listening to few of his tracks, she would always make suggestions and small edits along the way, which ultimately impressed the GAZA boss. That was simply a issue of time that he would have her join the empire.

Shorty claimed that because her brand was formed, she has produced music because that not only for she husband and their sons but likewise Sikka Rymes, Jesse Royal, Tommy Lee, Skillibeng, Jada Kingdom, Squash among others.

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Short boss Muzik co-produced Kartel’s recent Of Dons and Divas 18-track compilation that debuted just last week on Friday, June 26. Before that, she co-produced the now an extremely successful album To Tanesha, which was released previously this year in January.

With brief Boss Muzik in complete swing, Shorty is producing waves and advancing her son’s music careers to new heights. She stated she watch Likkle Addi and also Likkle Vybz’s heading “up in a di sky,” and also things space looking quite spectacular because that them. One point she has actually learned from Vybz Kartel is, no issue what ‘neva provide up.’

Watch the complete interview through Shorty and also DJ Lava below-



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