Hall, who stars in the new TV One drama Media, tells dearteassociazione.org that he has actually a great support system: "It"s crazy exactly how much assistance I get. ... I"ve been blessed"



Pooch room is a self-proclaimed “family man” — and that appointment is lived out both on and off screen.

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Hall’s brand-new movie Media — which premieres ~ above TV One on Saturday — explores the drama and also secrets behind a powerful family dynasty. In the film, Hall, 40, plays the hot-headed but protective eldest brother of the an effective Jones family, that is battling the competitive challenges of keeping their status and also position in the interactions industry.

“My character has a little bit of Godfather dynamic, as far as making sure his family is good,” Hall, 40, tells dearteassociazione.org about his role. “The Jones family is about unity, strength, power and also understanding exactly how to continue to be on top. Ns hope as soon as dearteassociazione.org clock Media, castle walk away through a new an interpretation of what it’s like to be a no so perfect yet proud african American.”

Hall claims doubling as an actor and also living life as a family members man through four youngsters — Djanai, 18, Djordan, 8, Djaeda, 10, and also Djulian, 14 months — is never easy. “As much as me, gift an actor and a family man in this civilization that we space working in … it’s never ever going to it is in easy,” he says.

But when it pertains to the parallels in between the fictional Jones family and also the real-life room family, the quips, “Both family members aren’t play around.”

Hall’s eldest daughter, Djanai, has actually cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair. In support of their daughter and other handicap children, Hall and his wife, Linda, developed the non-profit inclusion ClubHouse, where kids with developmental disabilities have the right to learn and play. Your ClubHouse will encompass five crucial spaces, consisting of an arts and crafts “creation station” and also a multi-sensory experience room.

“I want my daughter to have as lot normalcy together possible. And other parents, who really wish they can have this for their daughter, or son, wherein they experience and also exercise your normalcy in the world that we live in. … It’s genuine work,” that says around his family’s efforts to support the handicap community.

Hall also shares that he is excited for Djanai to be treated v equality at the ClubHouse. “I think I’m mostly excited around her being equal and her being like, You understand what, I’m equal,” room explains. “My daughter, Djanai, is not looking at herself together I’m different. She will go, Okay, I’m part of this world and I am equal. She’s no looking in ~ as far as I can’t walk or talk. Mine daughter is super fun, super dope.”

When the Ray Donovan actor isn’t filming, he claims he spends as lot time as possible with his family. And also the ClubHouse, i m sorry is opening shortly in Los Angeles’ san Fernando Valley, will certainly be a new space for focusing on family members fun.

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He adds the his Media actors has been very supportive of his family’s endeavor: “It’s crazy exactly how much support I get. … I’ve to be blessed.”

On Sunday, in march 5, Hall and his wife will host a Celebrity Karaoke Night in L.A. To benefit their organizations, v proceeds going in the direction of helping them proceed offering much-needed programs for children with unique needs and also towards a building fund to open inClusion ClubHouse.

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Pooch room on parenting a Daughter v Cerebral Palsy: "I desire Her to have as lot Normalcy as Possible"