Who is Danny Wood? Wiki Bio

Early life and education

Danny was increased in Dorchester by his dad Daniel, a mechanic, and his mommy Elizabeth that was a teacher prior to she passed far on 19 September 1999 indigenous cancer. Danny has a brother called Brett and four sister – Bethany, Melissa, Pam and Rachel.

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He grew up gift interested in music, and also was a big fan that David Bowie with the first record he ever before bought being Bowie’s “Let’s Dance”. He started taking to sing lessons together the age of seven, and was in ~ the very same time learning just how to pat the guitar and the piano. The attended Dorchester High School, and also after matriculation, Danny concentrated on his career together a singer, for this reason not enrolling at college.

Career as a singer

Danny exit his solo debut album “D-Fuse: Room complete of Smoke” in 1999, yet did not obtain recognition till his second album – “D-Wood: Room full of Smoke, Vol. 2” – was released in 2003.It do him rather popular and also he went on to release his 3rd album entitled “Second Face” in the very same year and also his acoustic tourism exclusive album “O.F.D: originally from Dorchester”. In 2008, he released his 5th album “Coming Home” and also in the adhering to year operated on his “Stronger: psychic Betty” album. His seventh and also latest album is “Look in ~ Me” which was released in 2016. Some of the singles which make Danny somewhat renowned are “When the Lights walk Out” released in 2003 and also “Look at Me” exit in 2015.Danny is mostly renowned for gift a member that the new Kids ~ above the Block (NKOTB) young band, and also is at this time their singer, guitarist, and vital choreographer.
The band consists of brothers Jonathan and Jordan Knight, Joey McIntyre, Donnie Wahlberg and Danny. They to be mostly renowned in the so late ‘80s and also early 90’s, selling an ext than 80 million records worldwide winning 2 American Music Awards in 1990, one for favorite pop/rock band, duo, or group, and also the other for favourite pop/rock album. The band disbanded in 1994 only to official reunite once again in 2008, when their an enig reunion remained in 2007 once they taped a brand-new album.The an initial album they released after their reunion was “The Block” top top 2 September 2008.They continued performing, and also reached #16 top top the “Top 25 teen Idol Breakout Moments” perform compiled through the “Rolling Stone” monthly magazine. They were collaborating with the Backstreet Boys tape in 2011 and also 2012 walk by the surname NKOTBSB, yet on 9 October 2014, brand-new Kids top top the Block got their star top top the Hollywood walk of Fame.Some of the movies and also TV collection Danny has appeared in throughout the years room the “Tequila Express” activity drama film released in 2002 i beg your pardon stars Cristopher Atkins and Anthony Azizi, and the “Fuller House” TV collection in 2016, which complies with D.J. Fuller, a mommy of 3 boys, who has to live in a complete house after her sister Stephanie, her finest friend Kimmy and her teenage daughter all move in come live through her.Danny WoodDanny was likewise cast to appear in the “Beyond the Case” TV series, but which to be cancelled prior to airing any type of episodes.

Love life, wife, and also kids

Danny met his ex-wife Patricia Patty Alfaro in ~ a party in Boston in 1994 – the two began dating not long after, and also married ~ above 7 December 1997. They were with each other for practically nine years prior to divorcing top top 10 march 2006 as result of what shows up to it is in infidelity ~ above Danny’s part. In march 1999, Patricia gave birth to their daughter Vega, and in 2000 Danny and Patricia adopted a girl native Russia called Chance, that was born in 1998.Danny dated countless women prior to meeting Patricia, and has a son named Daniel Jr. Born in 1992 whose mother is one of Danny’s ex-girlfriends named Elise Stepherson whom he dated from 1990 come 1993. Danny is believed to it is in a womanizer, and has proclaimed that his muscular body and his successful career in music frequently attracts women’s attention, do it easy for him to find brand-new partners. However, that is apparently currently living a solitary life in Boston, Massachusetts.

Hobbies and also other interests

Danny has actually been right into bodybuilding due to the fact that he was a teenager, and started going to the gym while attending his an elderly year, however was physically very active even before that, as he played football for the school’s team, and was a swimmer.
He thrived up listening to Nirvana, AC/DC, and Guns ‘n’ Roses which influenced him and his music. The enjoys travelling and going top top tours, and also has to be to each continent at the very least once v Vietnam gift the nation he took pleasure in visiting the most. He is a huge lover of animals, and also has a pet dog named Ripley and a pets iguana that are often featured in the pictures and also videos he uploads ~ above his Instagram account.He likes to chef in his spare time, and also occasionally shares photos of the food he renders with his fans.Danny is a philanthropist, and he has actually been raising money to donate to breast cancer patient in the surname of his mommy who lost her battle with cancer. That has operated with several various other charity organizations, and also has donated money come a Boston animal shelter. That is a huge fan that tattoos, having actually several inked ~ above his skin while an ext than half of his left arm is inked.

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Appearance and also net worth

Danny is 50 years old. He has brief black hair and also brown eyes, is 5ft 8ins (1.73m) tall, and weighs about 172lbs (78kgs). As of beforehand 2020, his net worth is approximated at over $16 million.

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