Traveling in China is one adjustment just like any kind of other new location. For international travelers, the sights and sounds will be different wherever castle land, however the one glaring consistency is the time difference.

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Time area in China

In China, they have actually only one time zone, GMT+8. This way that the time across the nation is constantly 8 hours ahead that GMT (Greenwich mean Time). This is recognized as Beijing Time, despite it is the standard throughout all five different time area that exist in China. This deserve to sometimes produce confusion in various parts that the country. In the West and East the sun may appear in various places but the official time calculation will be the same. Much like as if the whole United states ran ~ above D.C. Time, this affects civilization who live in the locations farthest from Beijing the most.

World Time Zones

We have provide a world clocks and time zone map tool to aid you recognize the time difference between home and China top top the go. You have the right to can uncover the current time in different regions and also cities, and can to compare time area quickly and easily by hovering over the map.

How Beijing Time effects Travel in China

As a traveler in China, the difference in time zones will affect you in several ways.

Jet Lag

After a 13+ hour aircraft ride, the jet lag deserve to be intense. Depending upon your arrival time and schedule upon landing, you might wish come sleep or remain awake ~ above the plane. The best cure for jet lag is come power v and try to get back on a regular sleep sample as quickly as possible.

Inter-Continental Communication

Your friends and also family will likely be waiting for news of your safe arrival in China. Make sure you have a arrangement in ar for when and also how friend will call them. 

It might be advantageous to agree convenient times because that both you and also people ago home for actual time communication, so that you space not waking each other up at night. Over there is most likely to be a time lag in between emails, messages, etc. Being read, early to people the other side of the civilization still gift in bed when you send them.


Time difference for the US, UK, and also Australia

Travelers in China simply take the local time back home and add or subtract the crucial hours to figure out the difference. An advantage of the standardization Beijing Time is the no issue where you go in China the moment conversion will constantly be the same.

United States (Washington D.C.): GMT -5, time difference with China: 13 hrs behindUnited Kingdom (London): GMT 0, time difference with China: 8 hrs behindAustralia (Sydney): GMT +10, time distinction with China: 2 hours ahead

We"ve listed some examples to aid you learn the process:

8:00 am in Washington D.C. (EST) = 9:00 afternoon Beijing Time 8:00 to be in London, UK = 4:00 pm Beijing Time8:00 am in Sydney, Australia = 6:00 am Beijing Time 

Daylight Saving Time

Unlike most locations in north America and also Europe, China walk not identify Daylight saving Time (DST). When traveling in China, that is important to remember once other nations are observing the moment change. Also though the moment in China will certainly not change, the time ago home tho will, which will certainly change the moment differnce (by one hour). 

The Time difference May impact Our Services

When to plan your an initial trip come China, we encourage you to contact us for every your travel questions. A good time to speak to your an individual travel agent in Beijing could be anytime throughout our office hours from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Beijing time. Calling before 9:00 am London time for instance will for sure you reach us prior to our closing hours.

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Keeping In Touch with Friends and also Family

While travel in China, many tourists worry about keeping in contact with their loved ones. China Highlights urges you to discover the best method to keep in touch that works for your details needs. Re-superstructure this article with your friends and also family to assist them understand the time difference as well so they deserve to know the ideal times to with you on her journey.