There room 6 methods to acquire from Downtown Houston to southern Padre Island by plane, taxi, bus or car

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Houston (IAH) come Brownsville (BRO) flights

The flight time between Houston (IAH) and Brownsville (BRO) is roughly 1h 18m and covers a street of roughly 311 miles. The fastest flight normally take away 1h 15m. Services are activate by unified Airlines. Commonly 28 flights run weekly, back weekend and holiday schedules deserve to vary so examine in advance.

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Houston (IAH) to Brownsville (BRO) flight schedules

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The cheapest means to get from Downtown Houston to south Padre Island is to journey which costs $35-$55 and also takes 7h 36m.

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The quickest way to acquire from Downtown Houston to south Padre Island is come fly and taxi which prices $280-$460 and takes 3h 49m.

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The distance in between Downtown Houston and also South Padre Island is 277 miles. The road distance is 375.8 miles.

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The best method to acquire from Downtown Houston to southern Padre Island there is no a automobile is come bus i beg your pardon takes 12h 8m and costs $140-$190.

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It takes about 3h 49m to gain from Downtown Houston to south Padre Island, including transfers.

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The best way to gain from Downtown Houston to southern Padre Island is to fly which bring away 4h 57m and also costs $120-$320. Alternatively, you deserve to bus, which prices $140-$190 and takes 12h 8m.

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The quickest trip from Houston hobby Apt Airport to Harlingen airplane is the direct flight i m sorry takes 1h 5m.

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Yes, the driving distance between Downtown Houston to south Padre Island is 376 miles. That takes about 7h 36m to journey from Downtown Houston to southern Padre Island.

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Southwest Airlines provides flights from Houston understanding Apt Airport come Harlingen Airport.

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There are 320+ hotels obtainable in southern Padre Island. Prices start at $100USD per night.

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What carriers run services in between Downtown Houston, TX, USA and South Padre Island, TX, USA?

United Airlines flies from Downtown Houston to south Padre Island 4 times a day. Alternatively, you can take a bus indigenous Downtown Houston to south Padre Island via san Antonio and Brownsville in approximately 12h 8m.

Website Flights from Houston understand Apt to Harlingen Ave. Term 1h 5m as soon as Every day approximated price $160-$460
Website Flights indigenous Houston come Harlingen Ave. Expression 1h 16m once Every day approximated price $160-$340 Flights indigenous Houston come Brownsville Ave. Expression 1h 18m when Every day estimated price $160-$420

Greyhound is a leading bus firm based in Dallas, Texas, serving end 3800 destinations across North America, Mexico and also Canada. Greyhound carries about 18 million passengers a year who take trip 5.4 billion miles (8.6 exchange rate km) a year on their fleet of around 1700 vehicles. For take trip flexibility, you deserve to board or get off a Greyhound bus at official Greyhound stations, companion stations and also curbside stops. There are about 230 Greyhound stations throughout the us where you have the right to both capture your bus and buy tickets, that room also accessible on the official website and also via the mobile app. Website Bus indigenous Houston to mountain Antonio Ave. Expression 3h 15m Frequency twice daily approximated price $26-$40 Website economic situation $26-$40 functional $45-$70 Bus from san Antonio come Brownsville Ave. Expression 7h 20m Frequency once daily estimated price $40-$60 Website economic situation $40-$60 functional $65-$100
phone call 800 881 81 81 Website Bus indigenous Houston Downtown Greyhound to san Antonio Ave. Duration 4h 26m Frequency 4 time a day schedules at

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The best means to obtain from Downtown Houston come Houston understanding Apt airport is to line 040 bus i beg your pardon takes 49 min and also costs $1-$2.

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southern Padre Island, United claims

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