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Hey,Well i had huge problem with my automobile so the engine is out and stripped to bare block. No camer no timing chain nothing. Well once I to be replacing mine oil pump I found a freeze plug in my oil pan. If you execute a search of me and my prior article youll check out I have had drivability issues. Wonder if this to be the cause. It s okay for the real question. Wherein the time cover would certainly be. Or through the camshaft I see 2 frozen plugs in appropriate now. 1 of lock is open. The looks prefer it have to be plugged. Does anyone understand where every the freeze plugs space in my car? I discovered out the a 80 block. An extremely upset about that. Different story. Havent had actually a chance to flip through Mr Haynes. Would certainly it phone call me in there?I just see this hole and also I am encouraged it have to be close up door up.
1989 GT, 311ci, Crane 130092 Flat-Tappet Cam, Keith black Dome Pistons, GT40 Heads, Cobra Extrude Honed Intake, BBK brief Tube Headers, MSD Ignition, T5Z w/ Pro5.0, King Cobra Clutch, and Built rear
3 oil galley plaugs behind the time chain, 3 freeze plugs on each side of the block top top the outside. One water drain on each side of the block top top the outside. 3 oil galley plugs top top the ago of the block, bellhousing. 1 oil galley crossover under the input in the lifter valley
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