Sweet freezer corn is a means to enjoy every little thing you love around hot buttered corn all year long! Freezing corn is therefore much much easier than friend think! us love offer it together a side dish, or including it come soups, stews, casseroles, salads, etc!


Sweet corn is likewise called corn top top the cob, or corn off the cob. If you want to keep all the yummy spices of fresh corn top top the cob, freezing sweet corn for later is the answer!

I have childhood memory of freeze corn. We resided in a location where that was too cold come grow. Friends native warmer climates offered to share their bumper corn plants with us.

My brothers and I would husk the corn. My mother would boil the corn on the cob. Climate she would cut it turn off the cob, placed it in bags, and freeze it.

The many memorable part of the experience happened when my mommy would revolve around. We would grab piece of corn that were in a large chunk, run and hide behind the couch, and savor it! I’m surprised the she actually had any kind of corn left come freeze.

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How countless ears that corn walk it require to make one cup that corn? About 3/4 a cup of corn kernels on every ear. Around 11-12 ears of corn because that this recipe.


Ingredients in freezer corn

Justin’s great aunt common this recipe with me countless years ago and it’s the ideal freezer corn in the world! There room a few little things about this recipe the make the extra yummy!

CORN: Pick new corn ears that don’t have any kind of brown clues on them. I choose white and yellow corn varieties like Honey and Pearl or Peaches and Cream. SUGAR: Granulated. Yes, this recipe has sugar added to it! Some civilization think sweet freezer corn is sweet sufficient on that own. That might be true, however once you try it this way those extra calories will be precious it! I also think it helps the corn freeze a tiny better.SALT: constant iodized table salt. Use the specific amount or it will impact the freezing point. It adds extra flavor to the corn. We don’t should salt when serving this recipe. BUTTER: Use real butter. Including a small butter to the mixture obviously provides the freezer corn richer and also gives it exceptional flavor!



Tips on just how to frozen corn turn off the cob

It seems like no issue how cautious I think I’m being, I always make a substantial mess when I frozen corn. Part of freezing corn is mopping the floor and cleaning increase the sticky mess afterward! right here are a couple of little hacking that it seems to be ~ to assist minimize that though!

Place cutting board inside a large cookie sheet. The cookie paper helps record some the the paris away native corn kernels.Some people place a corn cob top top the hole of a bundt pan and also slice that from there. The kernels are an alleged to autumn in the pan. I don’t have actually super good success through this method, however others do.For this recipe reduced the kernels native the cobs prior to cooking the corn. This is for this reason much less complicated than food preparation the corn cobs first. It’s simpler to handle prior to it gets hot. An ext corn fits in the pan ~ it’s reduced off too.My boys execute all the husking outside. At least that chaos isn’t in the house!Freezing corn yes, really is less complicated with 2 people. It helps to have someone hold the bags while you add corn come them.

FAQ’s around freezing sweet corn

How to store corn top top the cob? In an airtight freezer container, or in a sealable freezer bag. Put the bags flat, freeze, climate stack to maintain freezer space.How long have the right to freezer corn it is in frozen? as much as one year in a deep freeze.How long does corn on the cob critical in the fridge? up to 3 days.

How to chef frozen corn on the cob?

Corn have the right to either be s in the fridge before cooking, or it deserve to be cooked frozen. Here are three different ways to cook it!

Microwave – Microwave thawed or frozen corn top top high until warmed through. Time will certainly vary relying on how much corn you’re cooking.Pressure Cooker– include frozen corn and 1/2 a cup of water come the instant Pot. Near seal. Chef on High pressure for 4-5 minutes. It will take much longer for bigger pieces of corn.

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Stove Top- add thawed or frozen corn to a saucepan. Start food preparation on medium heat. Together it heats the juices will melt and also you can start stirring occasionally. Chef until warmed through.

Freezer Corn Recipes

Now that you know how to freeze new corn you’ll likewise want to recognize what to perform with it! us love including corn to soup, chili, warmth dips, salads, and eating as a next dish. Here are a couple of of our favorite recipes!


Grab my Sweet Freezer Corn Recipe

Now the you understand how come freeze fresh corn you should head to the farmer’s market and also grab some fresh sweet corn! trust me, you’ll it is in so glad to have it in the freezer! it knocks the socks turn off of box or store-bought corn! and also