The most hyped hip-hop album debuted atop the Billboard 200 chart through 872.000 duplicates sold within the very first month...

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50 Cent's breakthrough debut album, acquire Rich or dice Tryin, to be released in 2003
17 year ago, 50 Cent presented the world to the term that serves together the title of his debut breakthrough album and a Holy guide that he lives his life with, Get well-off or dice Tryin." It was released on February 6, 2003.

Here"s a small backstory. 50 endured nine bullets that landed on his hand, arm, hip, both legs, chest, and also left cheek in 2000, but struggled to uncover a brand to sanctuary him after Columbia dropped him. Then, he required to the roadways to build the buzz for self by publication back-to-back standard mixtapes, including his debut ice Guess Who"s Back, which arrived on Eminem"s hands. The remainder is history.

The most hyped hip-hop album debuted atop the Billboard 200 chart with 872.000 duplicates sold in ~ the an initial month. In a celebration event of 17 years of Get rich or dice Tryin," here are 15 facts around the album.

15 Suge knight Came right into The In Da society Video Set

You can want to keep this ~ above the DL, however we every know how notorious Suge Knight, the previous prez of death Row Records, was. It completely makes feeling if his surprise appearance ~ above the collection of 50"s club-banging music video, In Da Club, in Los Angeles.

"I don"t recognize what the intention to be or what was going on, he was simply there," director Phillip Atwell said, as reported through MTV. "I don"t know what that was supposed to represent. We simply kept shooting, that"s all ns know."

14 50 Cent Was nearly Shot, Again

50"s American Dream story could have finished eight month after the relax of Get affluent or dice Tryin. In September 2003, 50 and his entourage quit at the parking the majority of a Jersey City Doubletree Hotel before they were shot by mysterious gunmen. 50 and his posse then fled to the hotel lobby and took cover before leaving the scene later. Nobody was wounded, however ten bullet casings were uncovered in the crime scene, as reported by rojo Stones.

13 it Was His 2002 Guess Who"s Back Mixtape That caught Eminem"s Attention

"My manager provided me a copy the Guess Who"s Back," Eminem told complex in 2017 about how he connected up with the queens native. "Within the first couple of songs, ns was like, Yo, he"s ago ... Every song he to be doing was so crazy. There"s nothing to gain rid of. There"s nothing that us can also say, "Ah, that would certainly be cool for a mixtape.""

12 Patiently Waiting Was among The an initial Beats Eminem developed For 50

Eminem and Dr. Dre common a heavy co-sign on 50 Cent, and also they both served as the executive producers the Get affluent or dice Tryin" album.

"Patiently wait was among the first beats i sit with 50, actually," Eminem told complex further. "I was really tryna make it cinematic. Tryna provides it seems like, you know, a movie. Part of it to be a respect that I had actually for him together a lyricist, girlfriend know?"

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11 Eminem & 50 Met way Before He to be Signed come Shady

"I think the very first time ns met 50 first was at the relax party," Eminem said further, "I think it was in brand-new York (in 1999). I met him, and also we speak in the backroom."

50 wasn"t playing about when he dubbed the Shady records honcho as his "favorite white boy" top top Patiently Waiting. Their friendship still stays strong, also after 50 left Shady Records family for an innovative reasons in 2014.

10 50 Cent gained So wealthy That that Purchased Mike Tyson"s Mansion just 7 month After GRODT Release

Let"s bag the bread, Fifty.

only 7 months after the successful release of Get well-off or dice Tryin", 50 to be able to acquisition a 4.1 million dollars worth of mansion native the legendary boxer, Mike Tyson. The 52-room heritage in Connecticut contains an at home pool, a warm tub, and also a nightclub. He sold the mansion in 2019 for only 2.9 million dollars.

9 A doctor Who Saved His Life sued The Rapper

one of the key subjects that centers Get well-off or die Tryin" album is exactly how 50 Cent gained shot, not once however nine times, made it through from it, and now he"s below for a "real reason." Everybody seemed to love the album and the great story, but that"s no the situation for Dr. Nader Paksima, who saved 50"s life native those gunshots. According to BBC, the doc sue for unpaid medical bills worth much more than 32.500 dollars.

8 Many males (Wish Death) Was in reality A Nas" Song

50 Cent re-enacted the catastrophic event of his shooting on Many men (Wish Death). The track offered as the third solitary of the album.

tiny did we know that Darrel "Diggah" Branch actually made the daunting beats through Nas in mind. Follow to Hot97, other Queen rapper Nas had currently laid his vocals on the to win at the time.

"He was developing an additional artist named Nashawn," previous A&R Lenny "Linen" Nicholson said during an interview with Mass Appeal.

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7 In Da Club Was actually Intended To it is in A D12"s Song

It can sound monster to hear to a rapper various other than 50 ~ above club-banging struggle In da Club, however it definitely would be interesting what six sharpest Detroit emcees that D12 might have to offer. In fact, the song"s important actually produced with D12"s in psychic by Dr. Dre and also Mike Elizondo for 8 Mile soundtrack album. After Dre played the beats for 50, he instantly wrote the lyrics within one hour and completed the track within the night.

6 Eminem, 50, Jimmy Iovine, Paul Rosenberg & chris Lighty Flipped A Coin To decide The Album"s command Single

as soon as you have a 16-track replay-worthy album, picking one tune to be its lead single always provides you a hard time.

us couldn"t decision on the very first single native Get wealthy (or die Tryin")," Eminem wrote on his Genius page in 2015. "It to be going to be one of two people "If ns Can"t" or "In Da Club." we were torn, so, me, 50, Paul, chris Lighty, and also Jimmy Iovine decided to flip a coin."

5 even Though 50 Is High every The Time, that Admits To never ever Smoke Weed

50 Cent admitted the he obtained the finest green quality on Sha Money-produced High every The Time, "I"m high every the time, ns smoke that good s**t / I remain high every the time, man, I"m on part hood s**t."

In reality, 50 doesn"t even smoke. "I don"t drink, and I don"t use drugs, and I didn"t earlier then, either," the lab mogul created on his 2012 workout book, Formula 50. "I put that share on the first record since I experienced artists continuously selling 500,000 v that content."

4 40% that 50 Cent’s full Record Sales are From Get rich Or dice Tryin

Hip-hop pan loved 50 Cent"s fairy tale of a young street hustler who made it through a catastrophic shooting and also pursued a career in the laboratory game, and also Get wealthy or dice Tryin" sales number confirmed it. The 9x multi-platinum album sold over 9 million duplicates per February 2020, and also it remains 50"s highest-selling album to this date. That is follow-up sophomore record, The Massacre, was terrific return to his dark, secret material, however it didn"t sell as lot as GRODT.

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3 His 2005 Debut Movie mutual The same Title As The Album

following the footstep that Eminem, that released 8 Mile in 2002, 50 additionally released his semi-biographical movie, Get well-off or dice Tryin, in 2005. Get rich or dice Tryin" focused the story the Marcus, a quiet mama boy, who"s shot nine times and also lost his mother. Then, he took rap together his to escape route.

2 only One song From Power of The Dollar Album make It come GRODT

50"s debut album, Power the the Dollar, was originally released in 2000 v Columbia Records, yet the label chose to drop the after the damaging day of shooting. 50, then, took some leftover strength from the scrapped album for his Get affluent or dice Tryin" debut album. Life"s ~ above the Line was released in 1999, peaked at #37 ~ above the Billboard hot Rap Singles chart, and also re-released in 2003 together a bonus track of Fif"s debut album.

1 50 rolling With Highly equipped Entourage Before Get well-off Or die Tryin’ Release

SiriusXM and Shade 45"s radio personality guide Calloway put it best in 2003, the day as soon as he got to interview the rapper. Persuade told MTV, "I never ever anticipated riding with 50 come his concert in a Level 4 protection bulletproof/bombproof Jeep Cherokee. He defined the at least 4-inch-thick windows and also the stole plate under the car."

"He also told me that initially he to be going to purchase a Level 4 protection Mercedes until the initial owner was murdered,” the radio personality claimed further.

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