Bret Michaels has actually never been married officially. However in 2010 that got engaged to the mom of his daughters and also his long-term partner Kristi Lynn Gibson. Lock met in 1994 and also since then had actually on and also off relationships.

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The musician suggest his love one in prior of his many fans in the final episode of the reality series he took part in, called “Bret Michaels: Life together I understand It”. But they didn’t get married legally and also separated soon after the end of the show.

Kristi originates from Vancouver, Canada. She is one actress, known by the movies “A Letter from fatality Row” and also “The Untold Story”.

Bret Michaels kids

Raine Elizabeth Michaels (daughter)


Date that birth: might 20, 2000

Bret enjoys the status of a father. The is proud the his sweet girl and an extremely often devotes long posts on society media come them.

His oldest princess is named Raine Elizabeth Michaels. The younger audience has currently appreciated her talent and also beauty, having watched the movie “The last Sharknado: It’s around Time”, wherein she had actually a small duty as a warm bikini girl.

Raine is also a model. She started her job in the fashion industry at the period of 16. Due to the fact that then she showed up in plenty of famous fashion magazines. In 2019 she won the Swimsuit design contest, i ordered it by Sports illustrated issue.

Jorja bleu Michaels (daughter)


Date of birth: might 5, 2005

Jorja bleu Michaels is Bret’s 2nd daughter. She father adores her and also spends a the majority of time through her. She has appeared in his reality collection “Bret Michaels: Life together I recognize It”. In 2018 she tried she hand in acting again and acted in Shane Stanley’s drama “Mistrust”.

Who room Bret Michaels parents?

Wallace Michael Sychak III (father)


Date that birth: march 11, 1934

Date the death: august 4, 2019

Bret Michaels’ father was his function model and also his finest friend. That passed far in respectable 2019 and also that day became one of the hardest in Bret’s life. He was an extremely ill throughout the last weeks of his life. “My human body is weak, however my spirit is strong”, he provided to call his son.

Wallace spent a wonderful effective life. He to be born in 1934 in Pennsylvania. His parents’ names were Wallace Sychak Jr. And also Marie Myers. He has actually two brothers and also a sister.

The male was a holder of the bachelor’s degree, obtained into the Slippery absent University. During many years he worked hard to provide his family for whatever they needed. Mr. Sychak to be the korean War veteran. His last location of occupational was in ~ the united state Naval Depot.

Bret’s parents divorced once he to be still a kid, but his dad didn’t disappear native his life. He to be a good dad because that Bret and also his sisters, Michele and Nicole. After ~ the divorce from his very first wife, the male re-married Wilma Jean Sychak and they created a great family, which was strong and happy because that 36 years till Wallace’s death. He was a great stepfather come Jean’s youngsters from previous marital relationship – Kathy, Karen, and Kevin.

Marjorie Sychak (mother)


Date of birth: march 24, 1940

Bret Michaels’s mommy maintains she privacy and keeps away from public attention. Nevertheless, her face is known to the broad audience as result of his son, who posts her pictures on his Instagram account.

Marjorie Ann Sychak elevated three youngsters – a boy Bret and two daughters, Michelle and Nicole. Together of 2020, she is single and resides in ras Cruces, NM.



Date the birth: December 24, 1964

Bret short articles lots the childhood pictures, wherein he theatre baseball or stop the puppy, and his younger sister Michelle continues to be by his side. That means, they provided to spend a most time together and also were large friends.

Till currently Michelle and her brother room closely-knitted, although lock live much from one another and also can’t watch each other very often.

She is based in Omaha, Nebraska. The woman works as a cleaning supervisor. She is a large pet lover. The mrs owns number of dogs.

Nicole Sychak (younger sister)


Date of birth: march 7, 1974

Bret was blessed with one more younger sister, Nicole Sychak. The woman stays in Omaha, NE as of 2020 and also works in ~ the Children’s Hospital. She is in relationships v a handsome man, whose surname is not publicized.


Bret Michaels is a commemorated performer, the irreversible member the “Poison” the glamorous absent group, who music makes human being move and also refreshes your minds.

He gone into this world in Butler, PA. He to be the oldest of three children in the family of Wallace and Marjorie Sychak. At the period of 6, he to be diagnosed v Diabetes form 1. The disease made the kid’s life tough – he had actually to meet all the vital rules to feel good. The boy had actually to refuse from numerous dishes that liked and also his peers offered to eat. Music conserved him indigenous a poor mood once he want to forget about his wellness disorder. He created the first hard rock tape at a young age. Later on it disbanded, however Bret created one more one, which he named “Paris”. 4 young musicians-band members got initial popularity and decided to promote their group in Los Angeles. They moved from Pennsylvania come California and also started to execute there, having readjusted the name of their tape to “Poison”.

Now Bret Michaels is celebrated as the tape singer, solo singer and occasional actor. He is likewise a philanthropist and a specialized father of 2 talented beautiful daughters.

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Interesting and fun factsBret was diagnosed with Diabetes kind 1 in ~ the period of 6. Because then he resides with its hard and also rather demanding an illness and helps other patients come make tranquility with it. He invested some part of his income for Diabetes. He sent out to this organization his revenue from Celebrity Apprentice 3 contest, which the won. The paycheck was rather superior – $640k.He starred in several periods of the show “Rock that Love with Bret Michaels”, the main idea that which to be to uncover the beloved mrs for Bret. Although every season he decided the beautiful woman, castle separated during some period. Currently the fans encourage that to start filming the 4th season that the collection and finally discover the love the his life.He was injured throughout Tony Awards ceremony in summer, 2009. The singer was going away from the stage once he to be knocked by the descending set. ~ that, he started a court process against the Tony Awards and made the firm pay him.In 2009 he started a biography publication “Roses and Thorns”, which hasn’t to be finished still (as that 2020). However Michaels’ fans room looking front to reading it.