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Ready-to-drink cocktails in Pina Colada and also Mojito flavors are the very first in the new low calorie heat

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The new cocktail arsenal builds off of the initial BACARDI standard Cocktails "open and also pour" line. At less than 95 calories for a 4-ounce serving, BACARDI classic Cocktails irradiate is easily accessible in Pina Colada and Mojito flavors and also is make with herbal flavors, genuine juice and also pure cane sugar. Even if it is enjoying a favorite cocktail after a long day or cram a party, BACARDI classic Cocktails deliver classic cocktail taste that"s a hit with friends, and won"t take every day come prepare.

"Premixed cocktails have become a staple behind the bar – especially for residence entertainers," said Toby Whitmoyer, vice president and also brand regulating director, rum category, in ~ Bacardi U.S.A. "Two of the most famous cocktails from our BACARDI classic Cocktails line are the Pina Colada and also the Mojito. Quality-wise, this product fits ideal in ~ above the shelf next to the other BACARDI rums, yet we likewise look front to attracting new consumers, who are trying to find a low-calorie, ready-to-serve option with BACARDI classic Cocktails Light."

Busy Philipps understands today"s mrs – controlling a busy and eclectic life through her profession, family, exercise schedule and social activities. BACARDI classic Cocktails Light conserve her time and also energy, and are perfect for residence entertaining or for any social occasion. Just pour over ice in her favorite glass to serve the perfect BACARDI standard cocktail.

"Between taking care of my family and filming, time it s okay tight and also party-planning can be stressful. BACARDI classic Cocktails light is walking to be my savior. It"s like having a live-in bartender; one much less thing to obtain done before the doorbell start ringing," claimed Philipps. "Plus they"re tasty and also low-calorie – it"s the start of a beautiful friendship!"

The launch will certainly be supported with a multi-faceted campaign which will certainly kick turn off in mid-May and also run through September. The advertisement campaign will appear in publish with a emphasis on entertainment and also women"s way of life media, while the digital materials will span entertainment, lifestyle, and party-planning content sites. It will also include sampling events in 22 selected sectors in states including new York, California, Florida, Illinois, Nevada, Missouri, Massachusetts, Maryland, Virginia, Michigan, Rhode Island, Minnesota, Colorado, south Carolina, and also Texas.

"Busy Philipps is an ideal fit because that this product," stated Whitmoyer. "In addition to the declaring campaign, Busy will be a large part of ours summer social media plans, reflecting fans via Facebook, Twitter, and also Pinterest just how she hosts large summer weekend parties through the help of BACARDI standard Cocktails Light."

Made with organic flavors, BACARDI classic Cocktails Light will be spread in 750 ml size, and 1.75 liters.

For much more information, and to watch Busy"s webisodes, visit the BACARDI classic Cocktails Facebook page at

About BACARDI Rums In 1862, BACARDI changed the spirits industry when founder Don fax BACARDI began producing his exceptional light-bodied, smooth rum – BACARDI, the world"s favourite premium rum brand. The distinctive taste that BACARDI Rum influenced cocktail pioneers to invent some of the world"s most renowned drinks consisting of the BACARDI Mojito, the BACARDI Daiquiri, the BACARDI Cuba Libre, the BACARDI Pina Colada and the BACARDI Presidente. BACARDI Rum has won more than 400 awards for quality and product profile. Today, BACARDI rum is produced in Puerto Rico, complying with the manufacturing legacy collection forth through Don fax – crafted in a five step distillation process, aged in American white oak barrels, and filtered five times for unsurpassed quality and also smoothness.

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AVERAGE evaluation – (MOJITO – serving SIZE: 1.5 fl. Oz., CALORIES: 34.7, CARBOHYDRATES: 0.6g, PROTEIN: 0g, FAT: 0g), (PINA COLADA – serving SIZE: 1.5 fl. Oz., CALORIES: 34.7, CARBOHYDRATES: 1.4g, PROTEIN: 0g, FAT: 0g). ALL various other MARKS room TRADEMARKS OR REGISTERED TRADEMARKS of THEIR respective OWNERS.