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Scotch whiskey is a distilled spirit made native the mash the malted barley and other cereal grains. Scotch whiskey have to be do in Scotland come be offered under that name. Whiskey make in the United states is dubbed bourbon. Words "whiskey" is likewise spelled differently in the U.S.; in Scotland, it's "whisky."

Scotch is fermented through yeast and also aged in oak because that a minimum of three years. Caramel coloring and water space the just additives allowed. It has an amber color and flavor that might be smoky and also has note of caramel, spice, orange peel, and also vanilla.

Scotch Whiskey Nutrition facts

The complying with nutrition information is detailed by the U.S. Department of farming (USDA) because that one shooting (42g or 1.5 ounces) that scotch whiskey.


A single shot the scotch includes 97 calories, no carbohydrates, no sugars, and no fiber. Other species of whiskey provide the same variety of calories and also carbs.

Since scotch has no carbs, the estimated glycemic index of scotch is assumed to be zero. The glycemic index is a family member ranking that food that estimates how the carbohydrates in food impact your blood sugar.


Scotch provides 14 grams of alcohol. Every gram of alcohol gives 7 calories. Therefore, all of the calorie in scotch come indigenous alcohol, assuming that is consumed neat or on ice.

Vitamin and also Minerals

While there space trace minerals in whiskey, you will not acquire any considerable micronutrients once you consume it.

wellness Benefits

A chemical analysis published in 2020 argued that scotch whiskey has antioxidant properties. However there is no solid clinical proof that antioxidants in scotch carry out any benefit in humans.

There is minimal study investigating any certain health benefits connected with whiskey consumption.

There room a few studies that link moderate alcohol consumption with particular health benefits, but the amount of alcohol consumed renders a big difference. Additionally, the USDA does no recommend that adults who do not at this time drink alcohol begin drinking—even for argued health benefits.

Relief for the common Cold

Scotch whiskey (or bourbon whiskey) is a vital ingredient in the hot toddy, a drink often consumed by those managing congestion and other cold symptoms. The is combined with lemon, cinnamon, honey, and also hot water to make a heat beverage.

It is feasible that the alcohol in whiskey can dilate blood vessels, do it simpler for rubber membranes to control the infection. Over there is some evidence that warm beverages can help improve nasal airflow and also symptoms of typical cold and flu. But solid scientific proof to assistance the use of a hot toddy to relax cold symptoms is lacking.

reduced Uric acid Levels

In a study published by Phytotherapy Research in 2014, scientists discovered that middle whiskey consumption increased renal excretion of urate into urine and decreased serum urate levels.

Urate is a salt derived from uric acid. High uric mountain levels are linked with conditions such together gout—a painful kind of arthritis in which the joints swell and also may end up being red or tender. Researchers are not sure why whiskey usage may have actually an impact on urate levels. In addition, there room no human being trials showing that whiskey have the right to reduce the danger of gout.

anxiety Reduction

Many people drink alcohol, like scotch, to minimize stress levels. Over there is some research to support this benefit.

Studies dating ago into the 1980s have demonstrated that moderate alcohol usage can pat a role in to reduce stress. An ext recent studies have additionally shown that consumption of a moderate dose of alcohol may aid you rebound from stressful instances faster.

However, the nationwide Institute top top Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism reports the the relationship between stress and alcohol is complex. Drink alcohol to manage stress have the right to take a comprehensive toll on your mental and also physical health.

Cardiovascular wellness

Literature date as far earlier as the 1500s advocated the wellness benefits of scotch whiskey, an especially for an enhancing heart health. There room some current studies sustaining this association.

Studies have shown that irradiate to center alcohol entry (up come one drink per day for women and also one or 2 drinks because that men) is associated with a lower risk of total mortality, coronary artery disease, congestive heart failure, and also stroke. Yet the amount makes a difference.

Researchers advise that higher levels the alcohol intake are connected with a higher risk of disadvantage cardiovascular events.

reduced Risk of Diabetes

Some research studies have presented that moderate drinking is associated with a reduced risk of form 2 diabetes. However scientists additionally say that the relationship between alcohol and glucose regulate is complex in people who have currently been diagnosed v diabetes. They say that as whole nutritional condition is vital when considering the impacts of alcohol top top the regulation of insulin and also glucose metabolism.

Study findings have been inconclusive about the benefits and also risks of alcohol usage in those with form 2 diabetes.

Adverse impacts

Even though moderate drinking may provide some benefits, there can be drawbacks if you drink also much. These should be taken into consideration if you select to incorporate scotch in your diet.

The U.S. Room of Agriculture's 2020–2025 diet Guidelines because that Americans gives information to assist you understand exactly how drinking can play a role in a healthy and balanced diet. According to the guidelines, moderate alcohol intake can be included into the calorie boundaries of most healthy eating patterns. The USDA also provides guidance about the quantity of alcohol to consume.

According to the USDA, if alcohol is consumed, it have to be in moderation—up to one drink every day because that women and up to two drinks per day because that men—and only by adult of legal drinking age.

The national Institutes that Alcohol Abuse and also Alcoholism (NIAAA) endorses the USDA's guidelines because that moderate drinking.

Health specialists do not recommend that you begin drinking if friend don't currently drink. Alcoholic beverages space not a ingredient of the USDA healthy and balanced dietary food patterns, for this reason if you select to consume alcohol, the calorie in your beverage should be accounted because that so the you preserve reasonable calorie limits.

The NIAAA says that you put yourself at greater risk for harmful aftermath or adverse health after-effects if girlfriend exceed the recommended levels of consumption.

Alcohol use Disorder

One of the main adverse health results of spend too lot alcohol is a problem called alcohol use disorder (AUD). The disorder have the right to be classified as mild, moderate, or severe.

Signs of this condition include drinking more than you had intended, being unable to cut back, or proceeding to drink in spite of problems in relationships. Party drinking (4 drinks for women and also 5 drinks for men in around 2 hours) or hefty alcohol use (more than 4 drinks on any kind of day for males or an ext than 3 drink for women) puts girlfriend at higher risk because that AUD.

increased Stress or Loneliness

Isolation and stress—including mass stress (stress experienced by a huge community) space two determinants that have actually been learned by researcher as they relate to alcohol consumption. That is possible that while isolation and also stress may boost the obsession to drink as well much, over-drinking during stress or isolation may result in increased anxiety and potentially raised loneliness.

"Although alcohol temporarily dampens the brain and body’s solution to stress, feeling of stress and anxiety not just return, however worsen, as soon as the alcohol put on off. End time, excessive alcohol intake can reason adaptations in the brain that intensify the stress and anxiety response. Together a result, drinking alcohol come cope can make problems worse and also one may end up drinking to settle the difficulty that alcohol caused."

—George Koob, PhD, NIAAA Director

In studies published after the 9/11 assaults in new York City, researchers uncovered that raised exposure to news around the assaults plus a past background of drinking problems predicted heavier drinking in the year after ~ the event. Researchers additionally found that the intensity of exposure to 9/11 had actually long‐lasting effects, with greater exposure come the attack linked with binge drinking also five or six years later.

During time of social isolation, researchers provided that boredom, stress, and economic distress are key factors that can precipitate a recurrence of alcohol usage disorder.

Scientists likewise know that long-term, heavy drinking can cause increased anxiety and also a decreased ability to deal with stress because of the raised release of stress hormones. In stressful situations, a long-term heavy drinker may experience more anxiety than someone who never ever drank or who drank just moderately.

Isolation may likewise play a function in higher alcohol intake. Researchers additionally know that those handling substance abuse are much more likely come experience stronger feelings the loneliness.

reduced Immune wellness

A study published in Alcohol Research existing Reviews reported the there has actually been an created association in between excessive alcohol consumption and also immune-related health problem such together an increased risk for pneumonia.

The research authors suggest that alcohol disrupts immune pathways the impair the body’s capacity to defend against infection, contributes to organ damage connected with alcohol consumption, and also impedes recovery from tissue injury.

boosted Risk for Heart an illness and stroke

Published reports have displayed that extreme alcohol consumption is the third leading cause of premature fatality in the unified States. Specifically, heavy alcohol use is just one of the most common causes of reversible hypertension, it account for about one-third of all instances of nonischemic dilated cardiomyopathy, that is a frequent reason of atrial fibrillation, and it boosts the hazard of ischemic and also hemorrhagic stroke.

compromised Bone health and wellness

While there has been at least one study showing that light drinkers may have actually a decreased risk because that bone fracture, many studies have connected heavy drink with poor bone health.

In a large research review conducted for NIAAA, specialists advise that chronic, heavy alcohol intake in women compromises bone health and increases the risk of osteoporosis. The impacts are particularly striking in young people yet chronic alcohol use in adulthood can additionally harm bone health.

excessive weight

Alcohol gives no nutritional value and contains 7 calories per gram (as opposed to 4 calories every gram for protein and carbohydrate). So that is not a surprised that drink is linked with unhealthy load gain and obesity. But the sheep matters.

Authors that one research study discovered that irradiate to center alcohol intake is not linked with fat gain, however heavy drink is much more often regarded weight gain. Researchers say that experimental evidence is mixed and also moderate input of alcohol walk not cause weight acquire over the brief term. Yet alcohol intake may be a risk factor for excessive weight in part individuals.


There are some human being who have to not consume alcohol in ~ all—in any amount. For example, some prescription and over-the-counter medications cause drowsiness and should not be mixed with alcohol. Usually, a brand on your prescription party will suggest whether or not alcohol usage is safe as soon as taking the medication. Examine with your healthcare provider because that personalized advice.

If you arrangement to journey or run machinery, you need to avoid drinking alcohol. Those who space recovering native an alcohol use disorder or struggle with addiction should not drink alcohol. Also, the national Institutes of health and wellness states that people who space pregnant must abstain from alcohol.

According to wellness experts, "prenatal alcohol exposure can an outcome in mind damage and other serious troubles in the baby. The impacts are well-known as fetal alcohol spectrum disorders, or FASD, and can result in lifelong physical, cognitive, and also behavioral problems."

Lastly, scotch whiskey is do from barley, a gluten grain. The distillation process results in a beverage the is taken into consideration gluten-free. However, some world with celiac and also non-celiac gluten sensitivity might still react to alcoholic beverages distilled indigenous gluten grains.


According to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology, there space reported situations of alcohol allergy. Symptom may incorporate rash, swelling, or throat constriction. If friend experience any type of related or unusual symptoms after spend scotch, talk to her health treatment provider because that personalized advice.


There are numerous different varieties of scotch whiskey. Arrays depend on exactly how it is produced and the number of grains supplied to make it. For example, single malt scotch whiskey is produced in solitary batches indigenous malted barley. Combined malts space those the contain much more than one scotch from various distilleries.

Storage and also Food security

Always keep scotch upright in a cool (59°F to 68°F), dark area far from sunlight, heat, and high humidity. It deserve to be refrigerated however it will certainly dull the taste. When unopened, scotch stays an excellent for years.

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