Energy Pellets the America’s lumber pellets are made from 100 percent recycle wood. Making use of our timber pellets to fuel her pellet stove, heating system or boiler come with many benefits, including:

Reduced heater costsLessened influence on the environmentClean burning with minimal ash contentConvenient distribution service

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Energy Pellets the America is much more than a name; it’s ours product. Buying hardwood pellets through the ton is basic and green way to warmth your home, company or advertising location.

Using our premium lumber pellets to power your pellet stove, furnace or boiler come with an ext than a few benefits. Heater your home or service with a pellet stove and also wood pellets can:

Save you money on heating costsReduce your residence or business’s carbon footprint and lessen your affect on the environmentOffer a cost-effective and clean substitute because that heating through cord wood, propane or oil

Energy Pellets that America’s pellets space made native 100 percent recycled hardwood (biomass), which way we are totally using a renewable resource of energy. We usage shipping pallets that have actually completed their usefulness in the shipping industry to make our wood pellets.

Our high quality wood pellets burn same when offered in stoves and boilers designed specifically for hardwood pellet fuel. Hardwood pellets burn more efficiently than many other resources of energy. Their density and also low moisture contents make them much more efficient i beg your pardon creates less ash.

When buying wood pellets by the ton and selecting our distribution option, you’ll gain 50, 40 lb bags of pellets yielded to friend on a pallet. Shipping time for wood pellets by the ton is generally in between 1 and also 2 organization days, depending on your location. Our carrier’s trucks room equipped v lift gates to make obtaining your pellets turn off the truck and also on the floor simple.

Energy Pellets the America is a family-owned firm based in Wilmington, Ohio. By selecting our lumber pellets for sale, you’re supporting the domestic economy.

Make heater your house or company green and easy. Our hardwood pellets by the ton and easy delivery business are an eco friendly and efficient systems for your energy needs.

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2100 lbs
48 × 42 × 51 in

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