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come answer this, we"ll require to figure out how countless molecules of sulfur dioxide space present, then us can number out how countless oxygen atoms there are.

Step 1: find the number of sulfur dioxide molecules

The best means to do this is to acknowledge two necessary relationships

1) For...

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To price this, we"ll require to number out how countless molecules of sulfur dioxide are present, then we can number out how numerous oxygen atoms over there are.

Step 1: find the number of sulfur dioxide molecules

The best way to carry out this is to acknowledge two essential relationships

1) because that every mole of sulfur dioxide, we have actually the molar massive of sulfure dioxide in grams.

2) for every mole of sulfure dioxide, we have 6.02*10^23 molecules of sulfure dioxide.

To find the variety of moles the SO2 (sulfure dioxide from below on the end to save space), we require to an initial figure out the molar mass. We"ll look in ~ the periodic table and add the molar mass of sulfur (32.1 g/mol, see an initial link) through twice the molar fixed of oxygen (16.0 g/mol, see second link) (because we have 2 oxygens in the molecule formula).

Molar mass (SO2) = Molar massive (sulfur) + 2*Molar fixed (oxygen)

Molar mass (SO2) = 32.1 + (2*16.0) = 64.1 g/mol

(Side Note) just in situation you were wondering, we round off at the 3rd significant figure since we were only given 3 significant figures in the problem.

Now that we know our molar mass, we can determine the variety of moles in 3.99 g the SO2:

moles SO2 = massive on hand (SO2) / molar fixed (SO2)

moles SO2 = 3.99 / 64.1 = 0.0622 mol

(Side Note) notice again, 3 significant figures!

Now, we have the right to proceed to connection (2) that we talked around above: linking the variety of moles the SO2 to the variety of molecules of SO2. We perform this by multiplying the variety of moles we have by Avagadro"s number (per the an interpretation of the unit "mole," see the 3rd link below):

molecules SO2 = moles SO2 * Avagadro"s number

molecules SO2 = 0.0622 * (6.02 * 10^23)

molecules SO2 = 3.74 * 10^22 molecules

That is a absolutely a lot of molecules (to three far-ranging figures), and also it"s how many SO2 molecules we have actually in the sample!

Now, we can move ~ above to determining the number of oxygen atoms.

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Step 2: discover the number of oxygen atoms

Now, we"re walk to take apart that SO2 molecule. We know it consists of 1 sulfur atom and 2 oxygen atoms. Therefore, the variety of oxygen atoms will certainly be dual the number of molecules.