What is a megawatt MW, megawatt hour MWh, kilowatt kW and also kilowatt hour kWh?

updated September 9, 2021


When one first starts looking into electricity, you end up being bombarded v terms that can come to be confusing. However, they are reasonably easy to understand, and we can go with them all easily here so you can get ago to your solar or electrical research.

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Let’s begin at the beginning.

What is a watt?

A watt is the simple unit of power.

P (watts)= Voltage (V) x present (I)

It is a measure of exactly how much electric energy there is in a circuit and how much electric work have the right to be excellent by that circuit.

A kilowatt is simply 1000 watts.

A megawatt, together the name suggests is simply 1,000,000 or 1 million watt of power.

A gigawatt is 1,000,0000,000 or 1 billion watt of power.

Why carry out we need MWh and also kWh?

As a society electricity is a commodity. Electrical power generators it is provided the commodity and households and also businesses consume commodity.

There was traditionally always a marginal price of generating electric energy (long before renewables), and also so it became necessary to measure the exact amount of electric energy the was gave or supplied over durations of time.

What is a kilowatt-hour (kWh)

A kilowatt-hour is a measure up of the complete use of electrical energy over a time period and is equivalent to 1000 watt of power (a kilowatt) being offered continuously for 1 hour.

So one-kilowatt hour might be someone using 1000 watt for one hour, or it can be someone using 10,000 watts for 6 minute (0.1 of an hour). Either way, they have actually used 1 kilowatt-hour of electric energy.

What is a megawatt-hour (MWh)?

A megawatt hour is indistinguishable to 1 million watt of electrical energy being provided for one hour.

1 MWh is identical to 1,000 kWhs.

A megawatt hour can be 2 million watts (2 megawatts) of strength being supplied for half an hour or it could be 500 kW (.5 megawatts) of power being provided continually because that 2 hours.

Why are solar systems offered in kilowatts?

When solar is marketed in kilowatts what this really means is the the optimal DC volume of every the solar panels adds up to that lot of kilowatts.

So a mechanism of 20 x 250-watt solar panels will be marketed as a 5 kW system.

However, this go not median that at any one time it will be creating 5 kW that instantaneous strength or the it will produce 5 kWh"s of strength over one hour.

When you look at your inverter or your surveillance on her solar system you will keep in mind that the real-world calculation of solar panels is seldomly approximately their top capacity. The yes, really output counts on solar irradiation, accident in the device design and possibly dirt or shading.

How many kilowatt-hours of strength are produced by each kilowatt of solar panels?

The lot of power created by each top kW of solar panels varies roughly the country.

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You can find out how much electrical energy (in kWhs) carry out solar panels develop in her area each year. You can also find out how much electrical power solar panels produce at every time of year in every area and also how various other factors affect the lot of electrical energy producedby solar panels.