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Have you tasted the dessert referred to as baklava? climate it is most likely you have fallen in love v it. And why not--- it is an extremely mouthwatering, sticky and also nutty. If you’ve been the recipient of this dessert, and also you were unable come finish every one of it, a concern that would most likely pop in your mind is: “how to save baklava?”

In this article, I will share through you the best means to keep baklava and even teach you exactly how to do one.


filo dough, walnuts, unsalted, melted butter, sugar, water, juice, sugar and also honey

A crate of filo dough (about 16 ounces)One pound of walnutsTwo pole of unsalted, melted butterA cup that brown sugarTwo teaspoons that cinnamon1/3 cup that waterLemon juice1 cup that sugarThree-fourths cup that honey

Before girlfriend start, make certain that the phyllo dough to be defrosted in the fridge for 2-3 hours. Then ar it in room temperature for an hour prior to using it.

Preheat the range to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.Pulse the walnuts through the usage of a food processor.Stir with each other the walnuts, cinnamon and brown street in a large bowl.
Cut the sheets the phyllo dough in half. Trim lock so the they would certainly fit a ripe by 13-inch pan. You’ll have about 40 sheets after ~ cutting. Sheathe the sheets v the kitchen bath towel to avoid it from dry out.Butter the bottom and sides the the pan using a pastry brush.

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Get 10 sheets first then place a sheet into the pan. Graze butter over the top. Do this with the continuing to be sheets.Spread the seed mixture end the stack. Repeat the stacking and butter procedure with the other sheets until you have actually assembled all the layers.