Nothing top an epic drive with the desert adhered to by a tourism of California"s finest greenery, and also the road trip from ras Vegas to san Francisco offers simply that. Rather of flying, run in your car and drive v a chain of impressive sand dunes, parks, forests, and mountains.

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The road pilgrimage from ras Vegas to mountain Francisco take away 8 hrs 45 minutes to drive and also spans 580 miles. Finest stops include death Valley and also Yosemite nationwide Park, Sequoia, Stanislaus, and Sierra national Forests, and also the see at Mammoth Lakes.

It"s really easy to miss something once you have actually so lot to cover, so review on to get an idea of what this trip has in save for you.

How far is mountain Francisco from ras Vegas and also how long will the road expedition take?

The road trip from ras Vegas to san Francisco spans around 580 miles and can be excellent in 8 hours 40 minutes. What this means for you is that you deserve to take turn off in the morning and enjoy an interesting night in vegas that same day.

That said, doing this would certainly mean missing out on an impossibly scenic road trip. Passing v Bakersfield, Fresno, and also Modesto provides you lots of stopover choices and the possibility to detour into California"s gorgeous parks and forests at any point.

In the summer, an alternating route opens up up for a couple of months - you deserve to drive along death Valley nationwide Park before going best through Yosemite nationwide Park via Tioga Pass.

Best paths from ras Vegas to mountain FranciscoRouteDistanceDriving Time
Regular course (via Highway 99)580 miles8 hrs 40 minutes
Yosemite route(via Tioga Pass)560 miles10 hrs 10 minutes

Although the mileage spanned is the same as top top the other route, the twisting Sierra Nevada roads are bound to prolong your take trip time come a little over 10 hours.

A element that could potentially slow down your drive is web traffic just outside of san Francisco – also on a Saturday, driving with Oakland to obtain to golden Gate City have the right to be just as tedious as gaining stuck in weekday traffic during rush hour.

This is specifically true during sports season or if there"s a major event in city (which there are plenty of), so arrangement ahead come avoid acquiring stuck at the home stretch.

Cable cars space an urban San Francisco trademark.
San Francisco"s beautiful festivals and social events do summer that busiest season, but the weather problems this time that year can"t walk unmentioned – the city is well-known for its heavy summer fog and seaside winds, which consequently lead to mid-60s temperatures.

Spring deserve to be a little of a risk, as the drive itself will certainly be scenic and pleasant (even in death Valley in beforehand spring), but this is also when san Francisco"s weather is at its many inconsistent - you deserve to expect harsh sunlight one minute and also a downpour the next.

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Generally, autumn is probably the safest option for this road trip. V temperatures hovering at around 70 degrees, friend can acquire a summer-esque experience while quiet visiting out of season, an interpretation fewer crowds and a opportunity of snagging part affordable accommodation.