If you have some time to spare and also you feel prefer trying your luck at the Entertainment capital of the World, consider going top top a road pilgrimage from mountain Diego to las Vegas. Even if girlfriend don"t victory big, the journey there will take you past some that the most amazing landscapes in the united States.

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The desert road expedition from mountain Diego to las Vegas deserve to be done in 5 hours. Take into consideration extending that by exploring Palm Springs and Mojave nationwide Preserve, climate visit the iconic death Valley and also the breathtaking Red absent Canyon nationwide Conservation Area.

There"s plenty follow me this path you"ll desire to pay fist to, so check out until the very end to make sure you"re ready for a pilgrimage from mountain Diego to las Vegas.

How much is las Vegas from mountain Diego and how lengthy will the road expedition take

The road pilgrimage from mountain Diego to ras Vegas covers around 330 miles and can be done in 5 hours if you take it the quickest possible route. Also with breaks, girlfriend could certainly make the trip in a solitary day, but you"d be far better off making much longer stops to inspect out everything the Mojave Desert needs to offer.

RouteDistanceDriving Time
Fastest path (via I-15)330 miles5 hours
Scenic route (via SR 60 v Moreno Valley)463 miles8 hours 40 minutes

At the price of adding just one hour to your drive, you can make your expedition much an ext scenic by driving follow me Joshua Tree nationwide Park and also cutting best through the Mojave nationwide Preserve.

This detour is an especially great choice if you arrangement on dividing the expedition up into several days as it passes right by Palm Springs. The I-15 route, if quicker, is quite lacking in state of significant cities, so her overnight choices would be much an ext limited.

Witness the beauty of the 8-acre dancing fountain along the las Vegas piece on your visit to las Vegas, NevadaYou might do a road pilgrimage from mountain Diego to ras Vegas any type of time the year, however bear in mind the driving through the Mojave Desert in the summer can not be pleasant, also less therefore if you take the much longer route with Mojave nationwide Preserve.

Because the the heat, mid-summer is most likely the closest point Las Vegas needs to an off-season – summer temperatures space guaranteed to it is in at least in the 90s, but an extremely frequently exceed 100 degrees. Since you"ll constantly be exploring and also walking from one casino or restaurant to another, a summer visit could push you to your limits, and also not in a an excellent way.

Although snow isn"t too common in the Mojave Desert and also southern Nevada (not in huge quantities, anyway), it"s not unheard the for black color ice come cover the roadways here. By process of elimination, this would make spring and also fall the ideal time to go on a road trip from san Diego to las Vegas.

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