INFO: join our Discord server for cost-free and exchange information about SNKRS Day with our community. For this reason you room well prepared for SNKRS job 21! Click here: JOIN DISCORD!Also inspect out our Union x Nike wait Jordan 4 GIVEAWAY!
Update 08/08: Nike wait Jordan 4 "Lightning" via SNKRS DRAW!Good luck.

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Update 08/08: "Don"t go anywhere! A drop"s ~ above it"s way!" - surprise drop is comes shortly...Update 08/08: Next and last Livestreamat 06:00 pm CEST.Update 08/08:Nike wait Huarache "SNKRS Day"drops 04:00 afternoon CEST.Update 08/08: No big EAs because that now. Let"s expect for more surprise drops.. Next Up: Nike WMNS air Jordan 1 short "SNKRS Day"drops 03:00 afternoon CEST.Update 08/08: Next Livestreamat 02:00 afternoon CEST. We will more than likely see part EAs after the event, so it is in ready.Update 08/08: First Livestream at 12:00 pm CEST.Update 05/08:There will be 2 to exclude, sneaker fall on this years SNKRS DAY. On the one hand we have a Nike waiting Jordan 1 Low and also a Nike air Huarache. Both feature a leopard look. Have a look at below.

Update 02/08: SNKRS work 21 and first infos about Nikes restock day was officially announced by Nike today! inspect out the SNKRS APP and likewise watch the teaser. Much more informations have to follow in the next couple of days.
Every year ~ above 08.08. Nike organizes the greatest Restock job in the sneaker game. The anticipation and also tension is accordingly enormous and also makes plenty of hearts to win faster. Assorted sneakers will certainly be restocked ~ above SNKRS work 21. That is not yet well-known which sneakers will certainly be available again. In the past, however, that became apparent that some very minimal and sought-after sneakers were available for sale again.

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The course of the SNKRS work 21 is likewise still unknown. In the past few years there have actually been assorted methods, such together the "Scratch Drop". A specific image had actually to it is in scratched off in the SNKRS APP, i m sorry granted exclusive access for a details sneaker. However you have to be quick, due to the fact that the following likewise applies here: an initial come, very first serve.Various "Scavenger Hunts" likewise took location in Berlin, Paris and London, but given the present situation, it deserve to be assumed the there will be no Scavenger Hunts this year.There to be a couple of leaks ~ above the last SNKRS Day, i beg your pardon will most likely not be long in coming this year either. Critical year, for example, the community knew every single sneaker the was restocked.So remain tuned for more information. In the meantime, check out every raffle, every save for the upcoming Fragment architecture x Travis Scott x Nike wait Jordan 1 short "Military Blue".