Feta cheese is a delicious and also healthy condiment that perfectly complements many dishes, indigenous desserts come appetizers.

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Whether you room grilling fish, baking potatoes, addressing salad, or making pizzas, feta cheese will improve your cuisine without escalating the calorie count.


Soft, white, and compact to touch, feta cheese is short in calories and high in nutrients.

This Greek cheese is terrific source of plenty of nutrients, consisting of vitamins, minerals, and probiotics in a higher amount 보다 mozzarella, ricotta, or cottage cheese.

It is make of sheep milk, a mixture of sheep and goat milk and its taste varies from tangy and sharp come milder versions. Due to the fact that feta cheese has actually low fat, the is basic to digest and also helps in weight management.

According to WebMD, the nutrients in feta cheese promote bone health and also improve gut health. It is likewise helpful in relieving symptoms of diabetes.

But feta cheese is additionally high in sodium and also phosphorus, therefore you can want to usage it in moderation if you have high blood pressure or a kidney problem.

How lengthy Does Feta Cheese Last? walk Feta Cheese go Bad?


Generally, the more tough the cheese, the more difficult is its shelf life. Feta cheese is amongst those soft cheeses with a high quantity of moisture, and also hence they execute not have a long shelf life. They tend to go bad pretty quickly.

The sell-by or best before date top top the product label is the last day that the manufacturer vouches because that the product’s quality. But for the safety, we may use food products even after the vouched day has lapsed.

Unopened block or crumbled feta cheese is submerged in brine, i beg your pardon does fantastic job keeping the soft cheese.

So it stays in good shape for two to 3 months and also a week much more past the best prior to date. However, compact blocks of feta have tendency to last a tiny longer than crumbled feta.

But part crumbled feta cheese is no packaged v brine and may not retain its top quality for long.

If you wrap or seal the leftover feta cheese and put it far in the fridge, it will last because that a week. However there is something you can do to expand its shelf life past that period.

To ensure the your feta cheese big longer, you can prepare your brine by mixing salt with water and completely submerging her leftover cheese in it.

Store in an airtight container, location it in the fridge, and also your leftover feta cheese is great to walk for practically a month more.

According to the CDC, raw milk is susceptible to lug germs, including Listeria and Salmonella, make pregnant women, older people, and those through weak immune systems fall sick.

As part feta cheese is made from life milk, they as well may gain contaminated and also pose a hazard to your health.

So, that is necessary to store feta cheese hygienically. Discard that if girlfriend see any kind of signs that it is going bad.

How to Tell if Feta Cheese is Bad?


How perform you know if your feta cheese has actually gone wrong and also when you need to discard it?

Check out the adhering to signs to determine if the leftovers in your fridge have to go come the bin.

If the feta cheese has actually dried out and it is hard and also gritty, friend should probably throw the out. The cheese in ~ this suggest may no be unsafe, yet the taste will certainly be unpleasant.Collecting mold or dark specs indicate contamination. If girlfriend wish, you can cut out about an inch of feta cheese blocks and also use the remaining. However, because of high moisture, contaminants will spread quicker throughout the soft cheese. So the is probably much better to toss it out.A sour smell shows that your feta cheese has actually gone bad.If you have brined your cheese, darkened or slimy liquid says its spoilage.If the feta blocks shed their texture and crumble to your touch, it is finest to throw them away.If the feta cheese tastes different or alters its shade even slightly, it need to be thrown away.

Some feta cheeses space made of life milk, which provides them much more prone to contamination. Besides, it is a soft cheese, and soft cheese go negative pretty quickly.

So, irrespective of finest by date, if you an alert any of the over changes, it is finest to discard it.



Feta cheese is a delicious add-on that can considerably enhance the taste of most dishes.

It has lower calories, which makes it an ideal for weight and fitness aware eaters. Besides, it is likewise a source of numerous nutrients and probiotics.

But the is easy to spoil, so the should always be save on computer hygienically under the brine.

Although it deserve to be consumed also after the best before date has lapsed, the is the finest buy in moderate quantities to avoid any type of risk to your health.

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Care need to be take away to preeminence out any signs of pollution or spoilage prior to you use the leftovers.