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im my earlier pond I had actually 5 fish and also had come go abroad for 3 week ,I placed in a bunch of plants .. When I came back they were alive and hungry and also the pond was clean . (the fish were 8-12 inch only)
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Not usually . I had goldies in that pond too . All were well . Castle are very social and bump each various other a lot and also interact that could be what u think is nipping . Ns wouldnt put fantailed goldies in together a pond despite . To see genuine nipping u need something prefer a small oscar , something prefer a tiger barb and so on .
I leaving my fish outside and don"t feeding them for about 4 months during the "winter". Castle don"t nip. Castle graze turn off the algae, etc.
That"s a invited question. dimension would do a difference. If they were big and fat or female through eggs, they might go a lot much longer than a skinny small one there is no wasting away.More importantly, what time the year is it? If it"s cold and winter, their metabolism has slowed method down, for this reason they aren"t expending lot energy and don"t require food. Now if it"s warm and also summer, they will be much an ext active and need to replace energy and body fat. Feeding "em.
Its Summer , the not heat at all v x.x , There no feeding because of my tiny pond or therefore , Time to do a bigger one.
I leave my fish outside and don"t feed them for around 4 months during the "winter". They don"t nip. Lock graze off the algae, etc.
a million things come right into play in determing exactly how long koi deserve to go there is no feeding...principle of i beg your pardon is there any food easily accessible outside of feeding temperaturehealth to start with water parameters
Heck i go almost 6 months through out feeding Oct 1 to might 1. Many fish types can survive on virtually nothing. They may not grow however they have the right to survive.
Don"t feeding mine in the winter...so once Spring it s okay here; they are ready for food..they seem to grow much more in the winter than in the summer
for tosai, 1 month need to not it is in a difficulty at all. Ns don"t that. Ns think it will survive longer than 1 month easily.for tosai during winter months, definitely need to feeding them through pre-moisture pellets together advised through Sakai breeder. Steve
Heck ns go virtually 6 months v out feeding Oct 1 to may 1. Many fish types can endure on practically nothing. They might not grow yet they deserve to survive.

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That is the longest "almost 6 months" I"ve ever before heard of... Size and also water temperature are the biggies. Little tosai simply do not have the fat shop to preserve themselves for long periods even in cool water. When water temperatures room hovering approximately 40 deg F they may not do lot swimming, however they at least need to save their heart beating and also gills working and it does take it stored power to perform that. Bigger fish build fat make reservation in their tissues the they can draw on because that months in ~ a time throughout cold durations so it isn"t yes, really an issue for them.In warm water they require plenty the food to save them running, particularly young Koi. Your hormones space programmed to prosper when temperatures room up and also not feeding for much more than a couple of weeks is damaging come young fish. Larger ones will certainly drop a the majority of weight if no fed in warmth water for several weeks, however at the very least they have actually the stored fat easily accessible to burn. We quick our Koi because that 4-5 months depending on water temperatures and also never have any problems, however the small guys are preserved in a cook tank so they have the right to be fed.
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