I've been obtaining mixed see from the Internet. Some say the there is no injury in leaving it the end for at most 2 days however some say the by law this, I may be raising my danger of contracting food poisoning native a bacteria recognized as bacillus cereus. Can someone you re welcome enlighten me top top the issue?


Here in Singapore, we seldom leave rice in the rice cooker at all. Fairly often, we'd have leftover rice that we can't finish and also we simply transfer it into a box and put the in the fridge till we use it again. I'd say if its in the fridge, 2-3 job is generally the longest us leave it. Also, make fried rice with this particular day old rice is soo good.

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Sup Neighbour. I provided to carry out that ago in Malaysia however I'm at this time seeking alternative ways of save on computer rice now that I'm living abroad. What's the reason behind a day's old rice and far better tasting fried rice?

It counts on your cooker. Rice is for sure is retained over 60 C (140 F). If you're specific your cooker hits that temperature, climate the 2 day number is correct (although the rice will dry out). If you're not certain, then obtain it right into the refrigerator within a couple hours.

And if you aren't sure if your present rice-cooker maintains a for sure temperature, use your thermometer and test it! when in the center of a keep-warm cycle, open it up and also shove your themo in the center of the rice.

There space pressure-cooker rice-makers that preserve a good seal on the food preparation chamber that keep rice hot, moist, and also ready for many days.

They're appropriate that it's simply as at risk to bacterial development as everything else. Rice cookers kept on "warm" can encourage the growth and also make you sick.

So you'll want to take it it out and also cool it when you're excellent eating it. (Within 2 hrs of cook completion.)

That said, i leave mine in overnight all the time. Of course, ns use lots of turmeric and also red pepper and cumin and other spices that help thwart bacter growth. But I tho shouldn't it is in doing it...

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Does tomato rice hinder bacter growth? Also, would certainly you introduce placing the container from the rice cooker straight into the refrigerator or carrying it right into a separate container first?


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