In this blog post, we will certainly answer the following question: just how long deserve to a cordon snake walk without eating? us speak in detail around a corn snake’s diet, their digestion and feeding needs. We also present come you amazing facts and also characteristics of the corn snake, the behaviour in nature and in captivity.

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How long deserve to a corn snake go without eating?

Corn snakes have the right to go for several weeks without eating. Snakes deserve to reduce their metabolic rate by 70%, allowing them to conserve energy for prolonged periods if growing.

Corn snake are rarely picky eaters, yet may refuse to eat due to being pregnant (carrying eggs), moulting, having a condition or gift mishandled. Corn snakes additionally like their food hot and also will reject their prey if that is not thawed correctly or if that is served too cold.


A corn snake’s diet

A corn snake’s diet consists primarily that rodents, back they also occasionally indulge in frogs, eggs, and also lizards.

The newborn will eat pinky mice, if the adult will eat huge mice. Many snake breeders recommend the captive snakes get frozen/thawed mice, but with breeding, you may need to train them come eat a frozen mouse.

This way that you must be all set to feed a live newborn computer mouse to your brand-new snake. The hatching corn snake can be conveniently stressed and also may not discover thawed pinky mouse attractive.

To train the hatchling come eat s pinkies, you place the hatchling and the thawed computer mouse in an empty plastic container with a lid. The lid should have actually drilled air holes.

To make the pinkie more appetizing because that brood, very first thaw it, and then warm it in hot water, so that the pinky get room temperature. This will also aid make the prey’s scent much stronger and much more intriguing.

To promote quicker digestion, girlfriend can additionally cut the skin that the little finger. This, in turn, will likewise increase the smell of the prey.

The hatch will certainly eat every five days if the adult will certainly eat as soon as every ten days. Castle rarely reject food, but corn snakes deserve to survive because that weeks without food.


A captive corn snake have to be fed a diet consists of captive-bred prey. Rodents, birds, and also lizards can lug parasites, transferring them to the snake as it digests them.

You need to only feed your snake prey that has been frozen and thawed. Freezing will certainly kill any type of parasites and protect your snake native harmful toxins. Some pathogens and also diseases deserve to be transmitted native nature to the snake, regardless of freezing prior to feeding, therefore captive breeding of prey is strong recommended.

What size of prey need to a corn line be given?

You have to feed them food that is much less than double the diameter the the mean body circumference. The first time you feed your brand-new snake, you need to make certain that the prey is even smaller. The prey need to be fifty percent the size of her usual prey.

Since the snake is stressed by that surroundings, and also being tackled by a brand-new person, giving its food corn i m sorry is much smaller will aid prevent that from regurgitating its food.

Prevention that regurgitation of meals

In the event that her snake regurgitates that is dinner, you will have to feed them smaller sized rodents because that the following one or two meals.

After regurgitation, feeding the line a post-regurgitation meal 7 days later. Corn deserve to take a long time come replenish any stomach acid that has been lost because of vomiting and regurgitation. Girlfriend will want to give them smaller sized pieces for their post-regurgitation meal.

If you feeding it as well early, it have the right to lead come serious disease or fatality from a lack of stomach acid.

How lengthy does it take because that a corn line to digest food?

If your snake lives in an ideal setting with the optimal temperature and humidity level, digestion must be complete in 48 come 72 hours.

Live prey vs. Frozen Food

Most competent snake owners feed their food life, however doing so carries countless risks. If you are a beginner, you need to feed your pre-killed mice snakes. Because pinkies have actually no teeth and their claws room soft, life pinkies perform not pose a threat to the young.

Corn snake drinking water

While that is true the snakes obtain much of your water from your prey, they do drink water as well, although seeing her snake drink the water will certainly be a rarity. The snake’s water key will additionally work to include moisture come its surroundings. Always carry out a large, shallow key of fresh water in her snake’s terrarium, an altering it daily.

Corn snakes likewise like to bathe in water.


More about the corn snake

The corn snake (Pantherophis guttatus) is a non-venomous north American snake, together it kills its food by constriction. That has become one that the most popular residential snakes, as it has dozens that mutations.

Like other snakes, it is one of the varieties of snakes the is no dangerous come man and also it is an extremely beneficial in managing vole pests that besiege crops, as well as other species such as the owl.

The name of this snake originates from the fact that it is closely related to corn plantations, although part say that is because of the yellowish pattern on that belly. And it is that this types usually look for rodents in this fields and use the corn stores together a refuge.

Characteristics of the corn snake

An adult corn snake can reach increase to 2 meters and also live for much more than 20 years in captivity, although in the wild they normally live 3 times less, choose most pet species.

As for your reproduction, they room snakes that conveniently breed in captivity, i m sorry is why they have actually been an extremely successful as pets. Their reproduction starts in winter, so the conditions of the terrarium room usually modification so the they are conscious of the time.

The corn line lays between one and also two dozen eggs, which castle deposit in a warm and also hidden area since they do not incubate the eggs. They room eggs through a flexible shell that the little snakes that hatch inside have to break v a committed scale.

The behaviour of the corn snake

Like all snakes, the corn line is a carnivorous pet that spend mainly small rodents, although the can also feed on the egg of birds, reptiles or amphibians.

This animal stands out for the olfactory capacity in regards to the senses of snakes, although it does not have actually thermal pits. Similar to other snakes, the corn snake exhibits protective behaviours such as tail vibrations.

The habitat of the corn snake

As we currently mentioned, the corn line in the wild prefers arable areas as a hunting ground and also abandoned or low-activity buildings like warehouses or farms.

Given the breadth of their territory, your behaviour varies depending upon the region, and in colder areas, they hibernate for 4 months, if in warm areas they just take advantage of the shelters and reduce your activity.

The corn line in captivity

For years they have been selected to have different colours, many thanks to the multitude of dominant and recessive gene that influence the patterns of the skin of this animals.

There are dozens the mutations, from different patterns such as stripes or zigzag to miscellaneous colours such as black, white or even purple, also hybrids with other varieties or mutations without scales.

Their calm temperament and tiny size have enabled them to come to be popular as pets and, although castle are among the most basic snakes to save in captivity, it have to be remembered the they need whole prey such as rodents come feed, making castle a complicated pet.

You will need a terrarium of at least 90 litres if you have a line at the residence of this species, i beg your pardon will have to be increased if you have actually several snakes. It additionally requires a suitable substrate such as poplar bark, with number of shelters.

Are corn snakes great pets?

Each line is unique. Part snakes nothing mind gift handled; others are much more likely come bite due to their temper or come be handled excessively. The course, other captive snakes room meant to it is in admired from afar. Some varieties of line make better pets 보다 others.

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The corn snake is a great reptile if you want to have actually a new pet snake. These snakes have actually seen an increase in popularity over the years due to the fact that they room low-maintenance and docile. They are not poisonous, therefore you space not in hazard if castle bite you.