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Aristotle"s meaning of a catastrophic hero is the it is a character of high society status, such together a king or various other high figure, who is a good person, but is likewise not a perfect person. The disastrous hero will also be partially responsible because that his/her own demise. The downfall...

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Aristotle"s definition of a catastrophic hero is that it is a personality of high society status, such together a king or various other high figure, who is a good person, yet is additionally not a perfect person. The tragic hero will additionally be partially responsible for his/her very own demise. The downfall will certainly be brought on through a bad decision or a personality flaw, fairly than being lugged on just by fate.In the Romeo is a nobleman that is usually a great person, but makes bad decisions that result in his demise, Romeo is a perfect example of a disastrous hero. We understand that Romeo is a nobleman due to the fact that his mom is called Lady Montague, indicating the his father is a Lord. We are also told in the Prologue that both households are "alike in dignity," an interpretation honor and also respect. We also know the Romeo is generally taken into consideration a an excellent person, because at the feast mr Capulet tells Tybalt to leaving him alone, saying that, "Verona brags of the / To be a virtuous and also well-govern"d youth" (I.v). However, Romeo has actually several personality flaws that lead to his demise. One personality flaw is that he is susceptible to ungoverned emotions. He enables himself to pine in agony over Rosaline night after night. Together his dad phrases it,

Many morning hath he there to be seen,With tears augmenting the fresh morning dew.Adding come clouds much more clouds v his deep sighs. (I.i)

Obviously, enabling oneself to fall into such extensive emotions repetitively is not healthy. A second character cons is the he refuses to listen to reason and be counseled by his friends. Benvolio, seeing the Romeo"s state of mental is no healthy, advises him, "Be rule by me, forget come think the her" (I.i). That is this very same unchecked emotion and also inability to listen to reason that leads him to death Tybalt. Romeo death Tybalt as a result of his fury. However, by law, since Tybalt has actually just killed Mercutio, Tybalt would have actually soon been killed anyway. If he had actually only confirm his emotions and also turned and ran before Tybalt went back to the scene, whatever would have gone much far better for Romeo. It is Romeo"s choice to kill Tybalt that at some point leads come his very own death and also Juliet"s. Therefore, Romeo is fantastic example the a tragic hero.