The tennis net is crucial piece of equipment in the game, even if it is you room a beginner, playing for fun, or a professional player. While play on the tennis court, you will feel the adventure, challenge, and enthusiasm of the game because of the appropriate equipment top top the tennis court. The game becomes an ext thrilling as soon as you throw the round in the opponent’s court.

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If girlfriend cannot throw the tennis sphere in the contrary opponent’s court over the net, there is no usage of your power and also skill. Therefore it is necessary to practice the tennis video game with proper equipment favor a tennis racket, ball, and also a tennis net.

You may want to install a tennis net in your garden or a playground for practice, but you feel confused around the exact Tennis net height. Then save reading due to the fact that you will find all the relevant information regarding the an accurate tennis net height in this review.

What Is The height of a Tennis Net?

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According to the worldwide Tennis Federation (ITF), the standard elevation of a tennis net is 42 inch (106.5cm) at the political parties and around 36 customs (91.5cm) at the center. The is crucial to install the tennis net at an accurate height since the imbalance deserve to throw turn off the entirety game.

The standard dimension of a tennis net keeps the player native mismanagement throughout the game since if the player is practicing in ~ a various tennis net height, getting an inch, extra elevation of the net will reason player come miss much more shots than usual.

Setting up A Tennis Net

To install a tennis net of proper height, friend will require four necessary things: 2 net posts, a cable made v metal, a white strap, and a white band. While setting up a tennis net, make certain to attach two side articles at the height of 42 inches.

The center of the tennis net should be around 36 inch high native the ground. Friend will require a white strap through which friend will connect the center of the tennis network to the bottom.

I would suggest using a white strap with not much more than 2 inches in width. It is vital to affix the center of the network to the ground v the help of a white band. The tennis net must be mounted in the center so that the 2 poles are divided equally. Strict knit the tennis network so the tennis ball cannot pass through the net throughout the game.

Lowering of Tennis net At The Center

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The elevation of the network poles that hold up the network is different from the width of the tennis net; therefore, to produce a balance, the center area is lowered a bit. According to the ITF, the facility of the tennis net have to be around 36 customs high, whereas, in ~ the poles, the height should be 42 inches.

This strategy is likewise known together a strategy trade-off; favor in plenty of games, the easiest shot is the hardest one. The tennis becomes much more thrilling as soon as you play at the center of the tennis net.

Tennis Net elevation For Doubles

If you are setting a Tennis net for doubles, then there is a difference between the width of the tennis court. For singles, the tennis court’s broad is 324-inches, whereas, because that doubles, that is width need to be 432-inches.

In terms of singles, the net height is 3 and also a fifty percent feet above the sides and also narrower than doubles.

The tennis net’s height for doubles tennis matches need to be 42-inches at the posts and 36-inches in ~ the center. If you are using a twin tennis net, it need to be sustained by two solitary sticks in ~ the sides.

The net articles should no be broader than 6-inches, and the single sticks have to be 3-inches in length.

Cross-court Vs. Down-the-line

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In tennis, the is believed that the most facility shot is thrown with full force towards the opponent, and also it is usually complicated to return. But if we talk around down-the-line shots, then these room the most facility shots to play with due to the fact that of the network height, which is highest possible at the sides through a narrower home window for the shot.

In contrast, the cross-court is an ext accessible and also safer due to the fact that of the lower height of the tennis net.

I think the fate that the video game sometimes relies upon the tennis net. In part games, that plays versus you, whereas, in various other games, it is in your favor. You can play shots that lightly touch the tennis net, which can be crucial in to win games.

Cross-court shots are wanted by plenty of professional players because that beginners or players playing for fun.

Adjusting Tennis net Height

You can readjust tennis net elevation with a basic technique. Usage a measuring pole to measure up the street from both sides. This rods room readily available in the market.

These sticks space convenient and made of wood material. Usage this stick/rod to measure the tennis net’s elevation at around 3 feet native the soil as described by the global Tennis Federation.


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What is the accurate elevation of a tennis net?

According come the worldwide Tennis Federation, the tennis net height from the two articles must be about 42-inches and also 36-inches in ~ the center. The elevation of the tennis net from the ground must be 3 feet.

The accurate height of the tennis net is vital factor for the tennis player because an increase or decrease in the tennis net height deserve to turn turn off the whole game.

How have the right to you readjust the tennis net height?

You can readjust tennis net elevation with the help of a stick. The wood stick is straightforward to manage and allows you to measure up the height of the net quickly. Readjust the height to 3 feet over the ground with the aid of a wooden stick to get a thrilling video game going.

Why is the tennis network lowered in ~ the center?

The tennis network is lowered at the center since of the i can not qualify to preserve the tension. The poles the the tennis net are different in size than the broad of the net; therefore, to develop a balance, a white tape is provided to reduced down the tennis net towards the ground.


Tennis players recognize the prestige of tennis network height. With appropriate size, your game will be an ext thrilling and also adventurous. In contrast, the boost or decrease in the tennis net’s height deserve to keep friend from winning your match.

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It to be a comprehensive review about the tennis net height so you can easily set up a tennis network for your exercise matches.