Gentlemen-I contimue to have much more time on my hands 보다 I care for and also I'm considering coughing up the $125 to take it the NCCER Pipefitter Certification Test and put a new feather on mine resume.  that can't hurt.  I have actually have questions.  ns am under the impression one's assesment native the test consisting of one's score is kept on document for potential employee scrutiny, as such a lower score might hurt one's possibilities for employment.  following my long held dominance of ignorance from weld test too many to count, "If girlfriend don't ace the test, don't take the job" together you will be assigned nothing but socket welds and the most grevious tasks one would treatment to avoid, i would favor to prepare for this certification with the same diligence I would for an essential weld test- a tiny practice.  I have actually a fine documented and also tangibly demonstrated history of capability to accomplish the fabrication of any kind of curveball the foreman desires to litter but I have likewise seen some screwball concerns asked on fitter employment exam that had no ar in the actual world.  My score is to accomplish a score of 100%, so ns was wondering......Has anyone taken the NCCER test, hdearteassociazione.orgen it v at least a 90%Was the test a an excellent representation the a fitters knowlege- Were there any type of glaringly stupid or irelevant questions on the testDid girlfriend prepare for the test and if yes- by what meansDid girlfriend have accessibility to the NCCER study guide modulesDo you understand if the examine guides have the right to be obtained for free onlineDo girlfriend own copies of the NCCER study overview modules and can we work a dealDid you find all the information needed because that the check in one more source- maybe-IPT pipe Trades hand-operated by Robert A LeeDo friend have any kind of suggestions, advice, warns or funny storiesDid friend cheat ~ above the test and also were friend, never mind, i don't desire to know.Did having the certification help you get a job.Can you assist me find a job, due to the fact that I am acquiring tired, real worn down of not working and practicing mine trade.I look forward to your responses.  Feel totally free to come at this from any kind of prespective that comes to mind.Thank friend for your attention.

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By dbigkahunna
Until your posting I had actually never watched NCCER certification for trades.Learn something new every day!Looking through the website and the details area for pipefitting it has actually the elements, methods, equipment and task you have to have and know exactly how to use to hdearteassociazione.orgen the test.I just knew NCCER for OQ qualification. I perform not know any type of contractor that supplies NCCER certification, however it might not hurt. Just how much the would help getting work-related is questionable but others with an ext experience using NCCER qualified workers might answer better.
By RioCampo
Nccer is likewise offere1 for educators in ~ the highschool level. It permits us to offer a certification in ~ the finish of a students second year of welding class. The certification is brand-new as we have actually a brand-new cirriculum because that highschool simply released.
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