Everyone likes to walk fast. Huge kids. Small kids. Cats obtaining chased by dogs. So, if you want to go much faster than a speeding bullet (or faster than the goes downhill as soon as someone mentions their ex ~ above a first date), hear up, "cause we"ve obtained news for you.

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Go karts are quicker than a room rocket filled with monkeys, quicker than a vegetables hipster signing up for a environment-friendly juice convention. They provide the modern-day answer come greased lightning, and also you don"t have to be john Travolta to discover the endure of revving one up together racy together Sandy Dee"s makeover.

Yeah, yeah, you can be thinking, "Sounds choose go karts walk pretty fast." however the question remains: Where are the fastest walk karts come be found in Melbourne? And—we have the right to hear the wheel in her mind turning—exactly how rapid can a go kart, uhh, go?

Patience, young grasshopper. Friend are new to the civilization of outdoor go karting, however you will certainly learn. Us have great knowledge to share.

Outdoor go karting is the fastest


Not to it is in cheeky, however can you think of any kind of dearteassociazione.orgpetitive motorsport—any at all—that takes ar indoors? No? Neither can we. The major drawback to at home karts is the they don"t take care of like actual racing machines.

They"re choose the Diet Coke of walk kart racing—still enjoyable, but absent the necessary sugar/adrenaline rushing with your veins.

Our guy on the track, Asdren Salija, tells us that because of the restricted space in indoor karting centres, these karts don"t reach really high speeds. Pfft. Who desires to walk slow? Most human being race come let off steam and beat your mates (or much better yet, their boss)!

We offer genuine racing experiences on our Ace Karts the end track. It"s 700 metres the pure excitement, and it stays open up in every conditions. If there"s a bit of rain, you can simply seize a wet weather fit from the pits at the track we"ve even got professional-standard floodlights that allow you to gyeongju at night!

For those who love to go fast, there"s no go kart track favor our open-air baby. It has actually a series of intensifying bends to test the limits of your cornering an abilities and a monitor sensor device so us can supply real racing stats. We guarantee the most authentic motorsport experience external of the professional world; and if girlfriend race fast enough, you"ll earn a ar in our Ace Karts room of Fame.

The mechanics of going fast

You"ve probably currently figured this out, however the mechanical dearteassociazione.orgponents of a walk kart add to how fast it deserve to go. The engine and the tyres space the key players in this game. The weight of the kart—consider the a strength to load ratio—is likewise a deciding factor.

Many go karting centres will certainly only have one type of kart, but at Ace Karts, we have three. They"re every awesome, and they permit us come make sure that anyone is catered for—because even though we"re rate demons, we know that your dad, your date, or your whiny tiny brother may no be.

Powered by Honda engines, ours fleet is perfectly suitable to our outdoor circuit. Below are the height speeds that our go karts are capable of:

Super Karts: a near-highway rate of approximately 75 km/h many thanks to your finely-tuned Honda enginesTwo-Seater Karts: a lickety-split speed of as much as 55 km/h courtesy of their mid-mounted 270cc or 390cc enginesRookie Karts: a crowd-pleasing rate of up to 40 km/h because that those who want to earn your racing stripes in a leisurely manner


The quicker the walk kart, the much more responsive the handling and steering is, so there"s nothing to prevent you from chasing hairpin turns and corners in our Super Karts. All our karts are developed to the same safety and security standards complied with by French car manufacturers (fancy!)and likewise adhere to every Australian karting safety and security requirements. In the human being of go karts, they"re the crème de la crème - that"s the cream the the chop in daily language.

Speedy tips and tricks for optimal performance

If you"re a dearteassociazione.orgpetitive animal who wants to shave an ext time off her lap record, our race expert Asdren has a few tips to offer to help you press our Super Karts to their 75km/h capacity. Very first up, he says reaching high speeds on go karts requires driving together smoothly as feasible and make the efforts to prevent "sliding" approximately corners.

Secondly, he claims you should always brake before going into a rotate - no while turning!

And finally, that reckons you must read the section on navigating turns in this article because it speak you precisely what you require to understand in an remarkable amount of detail (we should have had actually a full-fat Coke that day).

Got questions?

Look, we understand that you desire a go kart the goes faster than a toupee in a hurricane, however some things are easier to talk around over the phone. Provide us a speak to on 1300309847 if you"ve got any kind of questions whatsoever around our go karts, our outdoor circuit, or just how you deserve to reserve your spot for a race. We"re staffed by agree go kart racers who love a yarn.

We do Christmas parties, corporate parties, buck"s parties and a bloody great catering service. If you"re just rocking up v a bunch that mates, we can make certain you have actually the totality track to yourself v a tiny advance notice. Let united state know just how we can help take your excitement level up a gear, and also we promise to deliver.

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To conversation to us about booking a genuine racing experience, call in between 9am come 9pm, 7 days a week, top top 1300309847. If you"re all set to walk ahead and also book, you have the right to do the too.