Jaguar has been helping Boca Raton motorists get the most out of their driving suffer by moving racetrack-ready performance. Through several different Jaguar models to select from, it deserve to be difficult to know which vehicle delivers the punch that you’re spring for. Compare the newest Jaguar vehicles and their 0-60 mph times to view which vehicle delivers the thrills you’re seeking. Then, feel cost-free to browser our brand-new vehicle inventory to view which automobile in ours lot is the perfect right for her garage.

Jaguar F-TYPE 0-60 MPH Time & height Speed

The Jaguar F-TYPE 0-60 mph time is about 5.4 seconds with a optimal speed the 155 mph. Right here are some various other highlight features you can experience with the brand-new F-TYPE:

Touchscreen navigation systemEmergency brakingTorque vectoring by brakingActive sports Exhaust System

Jaguar I-PACE 0-60 MPH Time & peak Speed

Don’t be fooled by the I-PACE SUV’s exterior, as it it is intended an exceptional amount that power. The I-PACE get 0-60 mph in 4.5 secs with a peak speed the 124 mph. Various other standard features of the brand-new I-PACE include:

WiFi capability512 lb-ft that torqueSpacious interior234-mile selection for every charge

Jaguar F-PACE 0-60 MPH Time & height Speed

This capable brand-new SUV will give your next Delray beach road pilgrimage a severe upgrade through a 0-60 mph time the 6.9 seconds and a top speed of 135 mph. You deserve to enjoy these other standard features of the 2021 F-PACE:

5-passenger seating capacity269 lb-ft of torque8-speed automatic transmission246 horsepower

Jaguar XF 0-60 MPH Time & height Speed

The sleek Jaguar XF sedan it is provided an superior 0-60 mph time that 6.4 secs with a top speed of 121 mph. The brand-new XF sedan additionally comes standard through the adhering to features:

Jaguar XE 0-60 MPH Time & peak Speed

Stylish and capable, the Jaguar XE it is intended a 0-60 mph time of 6.2 seconds getting to a peak speed that 120 mph. Experience other standard functions of the new XE like:

Two obtainable touchscreensJaguarDrive ControlJaguar Sportshift SelectorPremium LED headlights

Jaguar XJ 0-60 MPH Time & optimal Speed

To help make heads turn on the Wellington roads, the Jaguar XJ get 0-60 mph in 5.7 seconds and reaches a optimal speed the 121 mph. The brand-new XJ is equipped with various other standard functions including:

5-passenger seating capacityCombined fuel economic situation of 21 mpg340 horsepower332 lb-ft of torque

Jaguar E-PACE 0-60 MPH Time & height Speed

Last however certainly not the very least is the Jaguar E-PACE, which sports a 0-60 mph time that 6.7 seconds and also reaches a stunning top speed of 143 mph.

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The new E-PACE is equipped through the following standard features:

21 mpg city and 28 mpg highway3,968 pounds the towing capacityLED headlights and tail lights10-inch touchscreen

Find your Next luxury Jaguar at Jaguar Palm Beach!

Now that you have actually seen some of the faster Jaguar 0-60 mph times and top speeds, it’s time to visit Jaguar Palm Beach and pick out the perfect Jaguar because that your next West Palm coast adventure. Call us to peruse our obtainable inventory and also apply because that financing online.