When in search of a romantic weekend getaway indigenous Miami we found Bimini, Bahamas. Only 50 mile from Miami, the Bimini ferry will acquire you over there in 2 hours. This seemed like the perfect opportunity for us to endure Bimini Bliss and we required it after our adventure in Kenya through kids. Here’s whatever you need to know to obtain from Miami come Bimini and to setup the perfect Bimini vacation.

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How To gain From Miami to Bimini

Take the Bimini Ferry from Miami come Bimini by Balearia Caribbean

Balearia Caribbean operates the Bimini Ferry out of the ft Lauderdale at harbor Everglades. You can choose to do a day pilgrimage or continue to be as many nights ~ above the island as you’d like. They run Sunday, Wednesday, and also Friday. Job trips start at $69.98 to add taxes or $209 RT including taxes to stay on the island. Be sure to inspect Groupon prior to booking directly on as there are frequently deals posted to bring the price down! A valid passport is forced to take the Bimini Ferry. If you room visiting from one more country you have the right to read about the required records here. FRS Caribbean used to run the ferry to Bimini native Miami but ceased work in respectable 2019.


Take a direct Flight native Miami to Bimini from fort Lauderdale global Airport

If you aren’t offered on taking the Bimini Ferry you can fly come the island. Silver airlines which is partnered v United paris to Bimini 5 times a week.

Take a Seaplane from Miami to Bimini

Skip the airport and also take a seaplane to Bimini. With daily flights from both fort Lauderdale and also Miami you’ll skip the problem of walking through traditional security lines and also have a much smaller group on her flight.

Need to get to southern Florida prior to heading to Bimini? If your dates are flexible inspect out Skyscanner for the cheapest time to fly to Miami or ft Lauderdale. Girlfriend can additionally download your freeappto find deals or watch out for trip deals to south Florida.

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Where to continue to be in Bimini

There supplied to be a Bimini Cruise with cabins that permitted you to continue to be on the delivery while visiting the island. But it’s due to the fact that been discontinued so staying at one of the few Bimini hotels or Airbnb’s space the just option because that overnight stays. When we frequently enjoy Airbnb’s we wanted all the amenities a resort available for ours romantic getaway. If you are interested in do the efforts Airbnb you deserve to sign up here to save $40 top top your an initial stay. Don’t it is in nervous, right here are 8 advice to guarantee a an excellent Airbnb experience.

We chose to remain at Resorts civilization Bimini by Hilton. Opened in 2015 it’s fairly brand-new and had whatever we wanted. Over there is a spa and gym on-site. The rooms space very contemporary and each one has actually a balcony.


With three pools and also one being an adults only infinity pool there are many places come relax. The resort also offers a private beach with plenty of options for water activities.


If you’re into casino’s you’ll love Resorts human being Bimini together there is a casino ~ above site. Be conscious food in ~ the will is an extremely expensive. ~ above the weekends the complete breakfast buffet would have ran us $64 for 2 people! us opted to gain bagels and muffins from the bar but they were still around $6 each.

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Things to perform in Bimini

Dolphin House

The Dolphin residence is built by Bimini native Ashley Saunders and also is a 25 year continuous project. All the materials used to construct the building are recycled and natural. The house has two bedrooms and also two bathrooms and also Ashley will rent it the end to guests if interested.

Radio Beach

If you want the most beautiful beach every to you yourself head to Radio Beach. Regrettably most civilization staying in ~ the resort stay on in and also miss the end on all the beauty of the island. Your chances of having the coast to yourself are exceptionally high. This picture was bring away in the center of the job on a Saturday!


Bimini Nightlife

If you’re looking for extravagant bars and clubs Bimini isn’t the location for you. However there space still a few places to hear to some good music and also grab a drink after ~ the sun has actually gone down. We went the end to Island House and also had a an excellent evening. While us didn’t make it to big John’s we heard it’s nice together well. We decided Island House since it’s owned by locals and big John’s is own by a non Bahamian.

Snorkel the Sapona Shipwreck

This to be something us really wanted to do on our visit but the weather wasn’t cooperating. Luckily over there was another ship wreck right off the shore that we were able to ride our bikes to see.


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Bimini Shark Dive, Swim v Wild Dolphins, or Play through Stingrays in Honeymoon Harbor

If you want to gain your adrenaline pump Bimini is the ar for you. Depending upon the time the year you visit you can dive v hammerhead sharks,swim through wild dolphins, or walk on a stingray encounter.

Go Bone Fishing

Bimini is renowned for bone fishing and also it’s the top destination in the human being to perform it. Even more special the record holder for catching the greatest bone fish is a native and resident the the island. Be sure to visit him in ~ his watercraft house, we were lucky sufficient to fulfill him!

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Where come Eat in Bimini

You should certainly eat her weight in conch if visiting Bimini but where will certainly you uncover the best conch? Funny sufficient the 2 shops that regime as the best places because that conch on the island space owned by 2 brothers. So why perform they each have their own place? reportedly they don’t favor each other at all. Examine out both to decision for her own however remember to carry cash, no take credit cards.

Joe’s Conch Shack

Offering Conch in every kind if you’ve never tried conch before this is the location for you. Lock were also kind sufficient to display us how to remove the conch native the shell.

Stuart’s Conch Shack

Unfortunately us didn’t acquire to try Stuart’s due to the fact that we ran the end of cash. Hopefully you’ll obtain to and if you do please let us understand whose conch you think is better!

Edith’s Pizza

Edith’s pizza is famous for she crust gift made out of Bimini bread. Choose in between conch, lobster, shrimp, and your traditional toppings to make the pizza of her choice. Ideal on the water you’ll additionally have an s view while girlfriend eat!


How come Get about Bimini

Most world on the island get approximately via golf cart. If there room cars in Bimini there space no automobile rental companies. Taxis room also limited and over there is no Uber or Lyft. You’ll desire to rent a golf dare or bike to acquire around. North Bimini is just 7 miles lengthy so getting approximately by either option is an ext than doable.

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Money in Bimini

The exchange price in Bimini is one come one and US dollars are widely accepted. While girlfriend will have the ability to use your credit transaction card at Resorts people Bimini a the majority of the establishments on the island are cash only. Be certain to lug enough through you or you’ll miss out on out on part staple tasks and food!

We had a good weekend enjoying Bimini Bliss. When the Bimini Ferry was really easy to take if we ever go back we will certainly fly. Regrettably we had actually a major hold-up coming back. The ferry was organized at the dock when leaving so us departed 90 minute late. Climate upon arrival back in Florida us were hosted by custom-mades for 45 minutes.

Overall we appreciated our time enduring Bimini Bliss! If you discovered this write-up helpful in to plan your very own trip come Bimini and taking the Bimini Ferry please share the to aid someone else!