If we attended a 12:00 noon football video game at the brand-new stadium, could we do it ago to DFW airport gradually for a 5:45 pm flight, or is the cutting it also close. I have actually no idea what the traffic is favor heading in the direction of the airport ~ a game!



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Once you clean football jam traffic, around 15-20 minutes phibìc on 360 come the airpot, suspect there are no web traffic delays. It'd probably be an extremely tight, specifically if the game goes previous 3:00. I'd go for a later flight.

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I commute to the DFW airport 5 come 7 days a week.

We have constructions both North and South airplane entrance.

During Commuting hours of 4 come 11 pm, it gets out of control.

I have actually lived in the 3 significant cities in last 10 years, yet this is tantamount of their in the vast open spaces the area has.

It is a red neck mentality allows this user ignored and also the well-off people's interest first. Numerous locals speak Jerry Jones is just one of them.

I am no intended to live and work this area too long.

Another guideline is if friend renting a vehicle at the DFW airport, that is rule of thumb that the triple the the rental is the final bill. There space 2 enterprises rent a car nearby and they all choose you up in ~ the hotels where they have totally free shuttle service.

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3.Re: take trip time from Cowboys stadion to DFW plane
10 years ago

I simply signed up for what you space thinking the doing. Room you going come the Lions v. Cowboys game?

I'm hope the video game gets over approximately 3 and also we do it come dfw by 5pm. Yes, cutting it close, but with carry on baggage and tickets printed out in our hands, ns think it'd be fine.

Then again, the website traffic does problem me!

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4.Re: travel time native Cowboys stadion to DFW airport
10 years ago
Hi lefty6Nj,

Yes, that's the game! i chickened out and also bought the ticket on the later on American Airlines flight that leaves at 6:50 PM. Monday will be very early morning, however I speak to several world who claimed that the 5:45 afternoon Continental flight would be cutting it too close. They stated jsut acquiring out the the stadium and to your auto could take 1/2 hour come 45 minutes, climate the web traffic to the airport is unpredictable. Plus we need to return a rental car, and will have actually two children with united state who don't move quite together quickly!

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5.Re: take trip time from Cowboys stadion to DFW plane
10 year ago
Yeah, we're ditching the kids that weekend. One anniversary gift come myself! mine 24 hour reservation window is up, for this reason i'll just have to sprint to DFW!

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6.Re: take trip time from Cowboys stadion to DFW airport
8 year ago

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