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Latitude/Attitude: ns bet a most us have actually attitude about our latitude! What I average is human being get used to the problems where they live - the weather, the seaons, the plants and animals...and we begin to think wherein we live is the finest latitude. However what carry out you know about latitude? try this activity.

Penguins top top a bus*

Plan your own trip to Antarctica - how plenty of miles will you need to travel? Remember the in the U.S. You need to obtain to the Los Angeles airport and then on come Christchurch, brand-new Zealand. Use this website to situate air travel distances in between cities. View if you need to travel as much as ns did! Don"t forget Beth traveled from Denver, Colorado. Did you travel further than her?

*(By the way, in situation you wondered, the penguins in this snapshot are not real! They were decorations on top of ours bus in Christchurch!)

acquiring there - the start of that all!

The planet is huge and Antarctica is really far away native the U.S.! have you ever before tried to discover Antarctica top top a civilization map? try it now. Google a civilization map or look around your classroom or home and also see if you can discover a world map that shows the totality Antarctic continent. Its no easy! you can click on the one i put right here to view what ns mean. Is Antarctica yes, really a long, thin strip favor that? NO method - that"s simply the "projection" many map machines use. The best means to look in ~ Antarctica in the civilization is through a globe or Google Earth.

These crazy people map views perform make it tough to present you ours trip setup since obtaining to Antarctica because that us expected we had to fly "off the map!". Yep, that"s right! us flew over the Pacific Ocean, end Hawaii and on to new Zealand, i beg your pardon on this map supposed flying appropriate off the sheet of one next and earlier onto the other side! right here are the crazy details...

When Beth and also I to be trying to gain to Antarctica, us each began on different coasts. Ns was in brand-new York and Beth remained in Colorado. To travel to Antarctica every NSF plane depart native Christchurch, new Zealand, in the south Pacific. So first I had actually to fly over to Beth"s side of the nation - new York come Los Angeles 2451 miles (3944 km), flight time 5 hrs. And also 45 mins. Then us both flew native Los Angeles to Christchurch, brand-new Zealand, another 6906 miles (11,113 km), flight time 13 hrs. And also 45 mins. Right here is my travel map for this part of the journey.


created using planet view

Lastly ~ a few weather delays we flew native Christchurch to McMurdo Station, Antarctica, one more 2415 mile (3864 km), flight time 5 hrs. Below is the travel map because that the last leg! Seriously, that"s a the majority of miles, and a lot of of flight time! include it up how numerous hours walk I spend in the air?______

When you carry out a lot of traveling its fun to think around latitude. Walk to "Try this activity" and test your "latitude aptitude" and see if girlfriend can develop a "latitude attitude" around Antarctica!

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