The Dark Knight: how The Joker eliminated Gambol among the Joker"s many victims in The Dark Knight was Gambol, among Gotham"s most essential mob bosses, and whose fatality was left ambiguous.

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The Dark Knight how the Joker killed Gambol
Many personalities fell victims to the Joker in The Dark Knight, however there’s one who fate to be left uncertain: Gambol, and also here’s what occurred to him. After a turbulent patch ~ above the large screen through Joel Schumacher’s Batman Forever and Batman & Robin, the Caped Crusader was given a new chance through Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, which presented Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne and gave Gotham and also its occupants a darker and much more realistic look.

First to be Batman Begins, exit in 2005, which discover the origin story that the title character and saw the go versus Ra’s al Ghul (Liam Neeson) and Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow (Cillian Murphy). Batman Begins was adhered to by The Dark Knight in 2008, where Batman came across the Joker (Heath Ledger), who carried a lot of chaos come Gotham City, and also closing the trilogy to be The Dark knight Rises, which presented the audience to Bane (Tom Hardy) and Talia al Ghul (Marion Cotillard). Although the trilogy was well-received by critics and also viewers, The Dark Knight is widely considered as the best and also one the the greatest superhero movies ever, and the action of the Joker continue to be a topic of discussion amongst fans.

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The Joker arrived to lug chaos come the city that Gotham and also messed v every person that overcome his way, no matter if they to be civilians, politicians, or gangsters. Among those was Gambol (Michael Jai White), an arrogant and also confrontational crowd boss that hated the Joker from the moment he arrived unannounced to a organization meeting between Gotham’s mob, eliminated one the his guards and insulted him. Together a result, Gambol placed a bounty ~ above the Joker’s head but was cheat by a trio that bounty hunters who made him believe they brought the Joker’s body. The Joker revealed himself alive and immediately placed a knife in Gambol’s mouth.

The Dark article Joker Gambol
The Joker proceeded come tell among the many stories he had about how he got his scars, and also as that was about to scar Gambol like his father supposedly did v him, he turned to among the guards come ask “why therefore serious?”. The step then reduced to the Joker dropping Gambol, with a sound effect that suggested he killed him, however the step didn’t show what he did to do him autumn dead. This made pan wonder what precisely happened come Gambol, with plenty of explaining the it is possible to die from having actually your cheeks slashed, so it’s generally thought that Gambol died due to the shock and bleeding of the Joker providing him a “Glasgow smile”. The Joker slashing Gambol’s cheeks was evidenced by White in 2018, who told THR the he never shot a death scene and also was as surprised together everyone else around his character’s pass out ending, and also he was only going to acquire a Glasgow laugh of his own.

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Gambol might have no been initially supposed to die, however the final product readjusted that initial idea and left the audience guessing because that years what truly happened to him. Part fans have gotten so deep right into this subject that have actually theorized over the direction in which the Joker’s knife might have gone in stimulate to death Gambol so quickly, but the truth is that Gambol had a quite shocking death in The Dark Knight together dying together a an outcome of a Glasgow laugh is rather cruel, even if it wasn’t displayed on screen.