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while Macbeth follows the catastrophic arc it also serves as a microcosm because that life"s cycle. ~ all, Macbeth means "Son the Life."

Birth: birth imagery is threaded throughout the play. Lady Macbeth has had actually miscarriages, leaving the pair childless. She says she would dash her baby"s brains out and...

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While Macbeth adheres to the tragic arc it additionally serves together a microcosm because that life"s cycle. After all, Macbeth means "Son the Life."

Birth: bear imagery is threaded transparent the play. Lady Macbeth has had actually miscarriages, leaving the couple childless. She states she would dash her baby"s brain out and also trade her mother"s milk because that gall. Macduff to be "none of mrs born." He was untimely ripped from his dead mother"s womb.

Childhood: again more imagery here. Macbeth fears kids throughout the play: Duncan"s, Banquo"s, and Macduff"s. Mostly, he fears Banquo"s child, Fleance, and also future children, together they will be kings. Macbeth death the father, however the kid escapes. Macbeth does death Macduff"s child, however for no reason.

Marriage: we have actually two to adjust of marriages in the play: the Macbeths and the Macduffs. In both, over there is division. After ~ the Macbeth"s conspire and kill Duncan, they avoid communicating and also effectively divorce. The Macduff"s too differ top top the function of the husband. Lady Macduff phone call Macduff a traitor to the family because he puts the plight the Scotland over their protection.

Old age: Duncan, the old king, is murdered by the young thane. View the conversation the Old Man has actually with Lennox in act II, scene iv:

Threescore and also ten I have the right to remember well:Within the volume of i m sorry time I have actually seenHours dreadful and also things strange; but this sore nightHath trifled previous knowings.

Time is a major theme in the play, and the Old male cannot remember once he"s seen such unnatural acts. It"s as if the Old man is life in another time.

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Death: over there is death in every act. Prior to we also meet Macbeth, we hear of him killing. He death Duncan in plot II, Banquo in plot III, the Lady Macduff in act IV, and also young Siward in act V. Plus, he and his mam obviously die. His famed soliloquy on morning sums up his check out of life and also death.

Afterlife: Macbeth is a very Christian play, and also there is much allusion to Christian concepts (Virgin Birth, Heaven and hell imagery, and also Christ figures )