Places aren't haunted. World are haunted. Fatality isn't the end… it's the beginning.

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Andrea Marino

First appearanceLast appearancePortrayed byInformationNickname(s)GenderOccupationFamily
“Love never ever Dies”“Leap of Faith” (in flashback)“The book of Changes” (in flashback)
Aisha Tyler
Andie, Squeaky
Co-owned Melinda’s neck store
Mitch Marino (brother)
Andrea Joyce Marino (sometimes mentioned as Moreno) had actually once worked in brand-new York, together a lawyer, till her task changed. She moved to Grandview and obtained a job working at “The same As It never Was”, one antique keep that is owned by Melinda. Andrea was a high and single woman up until her death. She was played through Aisha Tyler, and also was part of the main cast during season one.

Andrea becomes Melinda’s finest friend while working through her. Melinda even pertains to trust Andrea sufficient to call her about her gift of gift able to communicate with earthbound spirits, or ghosts. Andrea becomes important to the store and Melinda, due to the fact that of the very fact she knows about Melinda’s gift. Such as, at any time Melinda has to run off and assist a ghost, Andrea is left to save the store. Andrea also helps Melinda with challenging crossovers removing some of the anxiety from Melinda’s husband, Jim. In “The One”, a aircraft crashes and Andrea notices Melinda is hiding something. She to trust her brothers Mitch passed away during the plane crash and also Melinda is seeing his ghost.

At the finish of season one, it to be revealed it was Andrea who had passed away during the crash and not Mitch. While Andrea was not on the plane, she died due to the fact that her vehicle had been on the course the airplane had crashed on. Romano do the efforts to stop Andrea from cross over right into the Light and get her to join him top top the Dark Side. Melinda would not permit such a horrific event to happen to she friend, so she sets out to stop Romano and also warn Andrea. With the aid of an occult professor at Rockland University, stack Payne, Melinda is able to aid Andrea discover peace and cross over right into the Light.

Andrea is later mentioned in “Drowned Lives”, “A tomb Matter”, “Delia’s very first Ghost” and also “The Prophet”. Also, while having been effectively crossed over right into the Light because that over a year, two ghosts taunt Melinda through calling she Andrea throughout “Bad Blood”.

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In the season 4 episode, “Leap the Faith”, as soon as Jim swims come rescue Melinda and hits his head, he has actually flashbacks that his past as Jim, and Andrea deserve to be viewed briefly when remembering his wedding through Melinda. Andrea’s date of fatality is in the book of alters backwards and also was mentioned before a flashback of the plane crash which killed her.