It’s true, you certainly don’t require to find out Swedish to examine here because so many people speak English yes, really well, however my personal feeling is the I choose to understand at least enough Swedish to be polite in my new country (and to display off to mine friends once they concerned visit!).

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Even if friend decide not to take Swedish classes, girlfriend will probably pick up some Swedish indigenous anyway in your day-to-day life. And Duolingo is good and all, yet I can not remember the last time I stated “The boy eats one egg” or “Mother is attract an orange belt” in casual conversation. In this write-up are 8 sweden words/phrases i actually do use every day!

1. Hej!

What does that mean? Hello!When have to I say it? as soon as you greet her friend, neighbour, tutor etc.Alternatives: Hej hej / Hejsan

2. Tack!

What does that mean? say thanks to you!When should I to speak it? when someone holds open a door for you, gives you a cinnamon bun or does any type of other nice thing!Alternatives: Tack så mycket! (Thank girlfriend so much) / Tusen tack! (Thousand thanks)

Check out Sanjay’s awesome video clip to learn exactly how to speak Tack så mycket!

3. Varsagod!

What does that mean? you welcome!When should I say it? when someone says Tack! come youAlternatives: Ingen orsak! (No problem!)

4. Ursäkta

What does it mean? pardon me.When need to I to speak it? do the efforts to acquire off the bus during rush hour and people space blocking her way? no looking wherein you’re going and also accidentally walk right into someone top top the street? make the efforts to acquire a waiter’s attention? Ursäkta is the magic indigenous that will certainly make every little thing ok!Alternatives: None that I understand of yet!

5. Vad sa du?

What does it mean? What did friend say?When must I speak it?

What did girlfriend say?

I use this once someone speak to me in Swedish and I don’t totally understand. To be honest, my swedish is not great so I normally still don’t understand when they repeat it… however at the very least it buys me a 2nd chance!Alternatives: You deserve to use “Ursäkta?” below too.

6. Bra!

What does the mean? Good!When should I say it? It’s great stock response when someone asks me Hur mår du? (”How room you?”)Alternatives: Det ar bra! / Det ar fint! / Jättebra! (‘Very good!’ – to use, because that example, on days once you’ve perfect all her assignments and the sunlight comes out)

Me (right) through my classmate and awesome Swedish person Lotta, that checked my Swedish because that this post.

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Photo: Stefano Conti

7. Vill du ha ditt kvitto?

What does the mean? (drumroll)………… would you favor your receipt?When must I to speak it? girlfriend shouldn’t! (Unless you yes, really are providing someone a receipt, obv.) This is something friend are an ext likely to HEAR 보다 say. I’ve placed this in since in mine first few weeks in Sweden ns heard the all the moment in shops, bars and also restaurants and also my an answer was always silence and a confused look top top my confront (this was before I learned come say Vad sa du?). A simple ja or nej, tack space both good responses.Alternatives: Kvitto? / Ditt kvitto?

8. Talar du engelska?

What does the mean? carry out you speak English?When should I say it? If someone is speaking A the majority of Swedish come me and ‘Vad sa du?’ no working, I usually ask if castle speak English.

Want come know much more Swedish words and phrases?

I expect this short article has offered you a an excellent idea of swedish you will usage in your daily life! If you desire to know much more Swedish words and also phrases, let me know in the comment below!

***The swedish in this blogpost has actually been confirmed by a actual Swedish person, Lotta Hammar!