In this lesson, stop learn how to say age in Japanese and what you must be cautious with when you to speak “years old.”

Learn Japanese Numbers

First you have to know how to say Japanese number from 1 come 10.

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As you deserve to see below, we have actually two means to to speak 4, 7, and also 9. When it involves age, you need to use よん (yon) for 4, なな (nana) for 7, and also きゅう (kyuu) because that 9.


If you don’t recognize Japanese numbers approximately 99 yet, watch the video below. I will walk girlfriend through exactly how to say Japanese numbers step by step from 1 to 10, 11 to 19, and also 20 come 90.

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In case you space wondering why we have two means to to speak 4, 7, and 9, you can additionally watch the class below.

Years Old – 歳(さい)sai

“Years old” in Japanese is 歳(さい)SAI. So, you need to add SAI to each number just like you add “years old” in English.


However, once it pertains to 1 year old, 8 year old and also 10 years old, there are pronunciation adjustments take place as below.

1 year old = no “ichi sai” → いっさい  ns ssai8 years old = no “hachi sai” → はっさい ha ssai10 year old = no “juu sai” → じゅっさい ju ssai

And the joint adjustments mentioned earlier are in result even if the number is bigger 보다 10. To say “38 years old,” for instance, you use the together “ha ssai” because that the “8 years old” component and speak さんじゅうはっさい san juu ha ssai.


You perform the same for “1 year old” いっさい i ssai and “10 year old” ju ssai as examples below.

11 years old = juu i ssai51 year old = walk juu i ssai81 years old = hachi juu i ssai40 years old = yon ju ssai 70 year old = nana ju ssai

I hope this lesson aided you come see just how to to speak your age in Japanese!

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