Christmas in Madagascar is commemorated on December 25th, simply as it is in most countries.

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However, an african December will never administer a White Christmas, together the typical temperature there is around 80 degrees Fahrenheit.


Despite this, they tho use timeless wintertime décor throughout this time, such together pine trees, holly, and also artificial snow.

It simply so happens that poinsettias space the nationwide emblem of Madagascar and bloom here year-round, for this reason they are included by nature.

The Basics that a Malagasy Christmas

The civilization (and the official language) the Madagascar are dubbed Malagasy, and also most are of the Christian religion.Therefore, the birth of Jesus and Christmastime are really important come them. 

In the Malagasy language, Santa Claus is referred to as ‘Dadabe Noely’, which method Grandfather Christmas.


You could hear the (along with everyone else you see) to speak “Mirary Krismasy sambatra” or “Arahaba tratry ny Noely” as he walks through the villages, adorning a red robe through white trim.

It is exciting to know how civilization wish Happy or merry Christmas in various other languages.In fact, every person tends come greet each other this method during the Christmas season.

Even though Santa is a part of Christmas here, presents room not the key focus. Madagascar often tends to put an ext emphasis top top the church, and also only a couple of small presents are exchanged.That is if the money permits it. If not, they might try to make what they space able to, or possibly leave the presents out altogether. 

The Festivities

Beginning in the night (around 5 pm) top top Christmas Eve, the Malagasy human being head come church.
Songs and other religion-based display screens are carry out by miscellaneous churchgoers, specifically the children.

In fact, they have most most likely been practicing these performances for a while by now. This all proceeds for the remainder of the night, frequently past midnight. On the morning that Christmas Day, they every return back to the church for an ext worship and also celebration time.On both of this days, the church will certainly often carry out treats such together sweets, rice cakes, or biscuits to the attendees.Everyone seems to it is in filled through a warmer and kinder soul on Christmas Day, and also doing great for rather is placed on the forefront. 

For Christmas dinner, Malagasies present up decked the end in their really best clothes. If a family’s finances allow it, they can even buy new outfits simply for the occasion.Remember, the stays warmth here, so breezy summer dresses would be typical for the females. Boys and men will dress an extremely nicely, but additionally cool and comfortable for the weather. Families conference in huge groups and also dine top top pork or chicken, in addition to rice, fresh lychees, and also a distinct cake for dessert.Although this meal might sound modest, is a treat because that the civilization that have actually less.

If they deserve to afford to perform so, they might go to a restaurant, however most world do not. 

Main Points around Christmas in Madagascar

In Madagascar, Poinsettias are not really unique Christmas flowers, due to the fact that they thrive as large outdoor shrubs. They room Madagascar’s nationwide emblem.For Christmas dinner, families come with each other in huge groups come dine and make merry.On Christmas eve, many families attend church to thank God, watch nativity step play and also listen come the kids sing Christmas songs.The world of Madagascar are not so huge on classic Christmas trees and also decorations. Plenty of families decorate pine trees.The Christmas meals in Madagascar are usually better and richer than daily meals. And also there is a lot of candies to share in ~ Christmas.

Frequently Asked inquiries (FAQ) around Christmas in Madagascar


Christmastime go on a bit longer here, frequently for numerous days past December 25th. While life in Madagascar often tends to be less complicated than in plenty of other countries, Christmas is appreciated simply as much. They simply have actually their very own special way of going around it.

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