A repertoire of useful phrases in Gheg Albanian, an Albanian language talked in Serbia and also Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia, northern Albania and Bulgaria.

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Key come abbreviations: frm = formal, inf = informal, sg = singular (said to one person), pl = plural (said to an ext than one person).

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expression Gegnisht-Shqyp (Gheg Albanian)
Welcome Mir se vjên
Hello (General greeting) Fâla Mir-dita(good day) Qysh je? Si je? Tun-gât-jeta (may your life be longer)
Hello (on phone) Alo
How room you? Si jeni? (frm/pl) Si je? (inf)
Reply to 'How room you?' Mir, faliminerit, pro ju? (frm) Mir, faliminerit, pro tê? (inf)
Long time no see Ka shum koh qê s'jemi pâ
What's her name? Qysh e ki ẽmnin? (frm)
My surname is ... Ẽmni jêm ãsht ... Unê thirrna ...
Where are you from? Prêj ka je? (frm) Ka je? (inf)
I'm indigenous ... Unê jam prêj ...
Pleased to fulfill you Gzum qê të takova Knaqt qê të takova Gzum qê të njofta
Good morning (Morning greeting) Mir-mëngjes
Good afternoon (Afternoon greeting) Mir-dita
Good night (Evening greeting) Mir-mrãma
Good night Natën e mir
Goodbye (Parting phrases) Tung Mir-u-päfshim Shimi ma vôn (see you later)
Good luck! Paç fat! Paç nafäk!
Cheers! an excellent Health! (Toasts provided when drinking) Gzuar! Gzuar, or! Shnêt n'tyê!
Have a nice day Ditën e mir!
Bon appetit / have a quite meal T'bãft mir
Bon trip / have a good journey Rrug a mär
I understand Unê kuptôj
I don't understand Nuk kuptôj
Yes Po
No Jo
Maybe Nashta
I don't know Nuk e di
Please speak an ext slowly Muni të flêtni pak ma kadal, ju lutëm? (frm) Mun të flasësh pak ma kadal, të lutëm? (inf)
Please say the again Muni ta përsëritni, ju lutëm? (frm) Mun ta përsëritësh, të lutem?
Please create it down Të lutna, shkrujê (frm) Mun ta shkrujsh? (inf)
Do you speak English? A flêtni ãnglisht? (frm) A flêt ãnglisht? (inf)
Do girlfriend speak Gheg Albanian? A flêtni shqyp? (frm) A flêt shqyp? (inf)
Yes, a little(reply to 'Do girlfriend speak ...?') Po, pak
Speak come me in Gheg Albanian
How carry out you to speak ... In Gheg Albanian? Qysh e thôni ... Në gegnisht-shqyp
Excuse me M'fal!
How much is this? Sa kushton kjo?
Sorry M'fal!
Please Ju lutëm (frm) Të lutëm T'lutna (inf)
Thank you Falimin-nerit Shum faliminerit
Reply to say thanks to you S'kä përse
Where's the restroom / bathroom? Ku ãsht nevitôrja?
This gentleman will pay for everything Ky zotni kä mê pagu për ket Ky zotni kä mê pagu për krejt
This lady will pay for everything Kjo zoj kä me pagu për ket Kjo zoj kä me pagu për krejt
Would you like to dance v me? A carry out mê ksy me mu? A doni të vallzoni?
I miss out on you Po më mungôn
I love you Të dua
Get fine soon Shnoshu shpejt!
Go away! Shko!
Leave me alone! Lejëm rahat!
Help! Nihmojëm!
Fire! Zjarm!
Stop! Nalu!
Call the police! Thirrêni policijën!
Christmas greetings Gzuar Krisht-lindjê
New Year greetings Vitin e Ri
Easter greetings Gzuar Pashkën
Birthday greetings Gzuar Dit-lindjën
One language is never ever enough Nji guh kurr nuk ãsht bol
My hovercraft is full of eels Anija jêm ãsht plot mê ngjala

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Phrases listed by Gazmen Arifi native Skopje/Shkupi. Recordings by Granit Studenica.

If friend would favor to make any type of corrections or enhancements to this page, or if friend can administer recordings, please call me.

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