The genuine story that Hello Kitty is a scary city legend around the origin of the popular Japanese cartoon character. Lock say the Hello Kitty is demonic and also was originally a product of evil one worship and also a satanic pact.

According come the legend, Hello Kitty was created earlier in the 1970s through a Chinese woman. Apparently, she 14-year old daughter was disagnosed with cancer the the mouth. The physicians told the mother that her son was terminally ill and there to be nothing they might do for her.

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The mother refused to give up hope and visited every church in the city to pray for her daughter. As soon as that didn’t work, she involved the end of she rope. The desperate mother became involved with satanic rituals and devil worship. They speak that, in order to conserve her daughter’s life, she make a pact v the adversary himself.

For curing she daughter’s cancer, the devil demanded just one point in return. She would have actually to produce a cartoon character that would appeal to kids all over the world. The devil wanted to use the popular of this cartoon personality to trick human being into worshipping Satan.

When she daughter recovered from her cancer, the mother kept her promise to the devil. She produced Hello Kitty.

As the story goes, Hello Kitty to be designed through no mouth because the daughter had cancer that the mouth. Hello Kitty’s sharp ears represent the Devil’s horns. Words “Kitty” way “Demon” in Chinese. Therefore “Hello Kitty” really way “Hello Demon”. They say the anyone that buys Hello Kitty goods is welcome the evil one into your hearts. Satanists everywhere the civilization use Hello Kitty together a secret symbol and many of them actually tattoo the image on your skin. Adversary Worshippers refer to Hello Kitty as “The Daughter the the Devil.”

Of course, this is all just an urban myth. Hello Kitty to be actually created by a Japanese agency named Sanrio the specializes in designing and also branding cartoon characters. Hello Kitty was initially designed to it is in a decoration on a purse. Also, Kitty walk not typical “Demon” in Chinese.

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The designers developed Hello Kitty without a mouth because they wanted make her emotions ambiguous. The empty expression means that you have the right to project your very own emotions onto the cartoon. If you room sad, then Hello Kitty look at sad. If you room happy, then Hello Kitty looks happy. Hello Kitty will certainly seem to feel everything emotion you room feeling.

So, the fact is that Hello Kitty is not associated with satanic rituals or evil one worship in ~ all.

However, in 1999, a brutal murder took location in Hong Kong. That later came to be known together the “Hello Kitty murder”. Three males kidnapped a young woman and kept she captive in your apartment because that a month. They tortured her and also then murdered her. That was well-known as the “Hello Kitty Murder” due to the fact that the killers cut off the victim’s head and also hid it within a Hello Kitty doll… Now, that’s a true story.