Maybe you"re trying to find just the appropriate words come tell her crush how you feel, or perhaps you"re trying to understand what is walk on in your favorite telenovela. Castle say the love is a universal language, however it absolutely helps to understand some romantic words and also expressions in

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The following words and phrases will help you express your love in and, if you"re lucky, they could also help you recognize someone"s feelings because that you!


Love of every Kinds

Let"s start with the basics: how do you tell someone you love them in it looks choose a straightforward question, but the answer is no as an easy as it might seem. has two words because that "love":

Amar - to love: this is a strong, passionate form of love, frequently reserved for lover in one-of-a-kind occasions (although it may, sometimes, be offered in other contexts, prefer a mother telling her kid she loves him).Querer - to love: this is the much more commonplace verb because that "to love", it deserve to be used for friends, family and also lovers alike.

Of course, there are an ext words you deserve to use to describe how friend feel. For instance, you may use the verb gustar to tell who you like them, or the verb enamorarse come say you room in love.

Let"s see just how these four verbs might be used:

I love girlfriend (passionate love). - Te amo.I love you. - Te quiero.I love friend too. - Yo también car amo/quieroI choose you (too). - (También) me gustas.I"m in love. - Estoy enamorado/a.


Now the you know how to call someone how you feel, you might want to know what to call that person. Below is some valuable vocabulary:

(Romantic) connection - Relación (amorosa)Date - La citaWe are dating. - Estamos saliendo.My boyfriend - Mi novioMy girl friend - Mi noviaWe room engaged. - Estamos comprometidos.My fiancé - Mi prometidoMy fiancée - Mi prometidaMarriage - El matrimonioWedding - La bodaWe are married. - Estamos casados.My husband - Mi esposo/maridoMy wife - Mi esposaMy spouse - Mi cónyuge (this is a official term)My lover - Mi amante (use this term through caution, that can likewise mean "mistress")My partner - Mi pareja ("pareja" literally equates to "couple")

Mi compañero/a (usually reserved for couples who have been together for a while and might also live together)


When you"ve remained in a partnership for part time, you could start using nicknames or terms of endearment to describe your loved one. Below are some typical ones:

My love - Mi amor ("amor" alone is likewise used)

Querido/a (literally, "loved one")

Darling - CariñoSweetheart - Corazón (literally, "heart")Beautiful - Hermosa (the male version, "hermoso", is not often used)

There are various other terms that endearment frequently used in that don"t necessarily analyze too well right into English, also though lock are rather common. Below are part examples:

Mi vida - mine lifeMi cielo - my sky/heavenMi tesoro - mine treasureGordito/a - Literally translates as "fatty", however is actually provided as a term of endearment in between couples.

Some of these expressions can sound a bit cheesy, for this reason make certain you choose the right moment to use them!

A few More Romantic Terms

You know just how to express her feelings, and also you additionally know exactly how to address that distinct someone, but there are various other relationship-related words you will need if things begin to acquire serious. Let"s take it a look!

Dating and also Courtship

Whether you are just acquiring to recognize someone new, or you"ve been with each other for a while, these expressions could come in handy:

Valentine"s work - Día de san ValentínGo out to eat. - Salir a comer.Go to the cinema - Ir al cine.Anniversary - El aniversario.Gift - El regalo.Chocolate - El chocolateFlowers - las floresRomantic - Romántico/aNight - La nocheDinner - La cenaCourtship - El cortejo

If you want to ask who on a date, below are part phrases that might be helpful.

Would you choose to go out for a coffee? - ¿Te gustaría salir a tomar un café?Would you choose to go out to dinner? - ¿Te gustaría salir a cenar?Do you desire to walk out through me? - ¿Quieres salir conmigo?Would you prefer to walk out with me? - ¿Te gustaría salir conmigo?

Keep in mind that these 4 phrases usage , the informal kind of "you". In part countries, prefer Colombia, it can be expected to use the much more formal usted type (¿Le gustaría salir a cenar? ¿Quiere salir conmigo?).

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Showing Affection

If things space going well, girlfriend will more than likely want to display your affection, for this reason pay attention to the complying with expressions:

Affection - AfectoTo kiss - BesarKiss - BesoTo caress - AcariciarCaress - CariciaTo hug/embrace - AbrazarHug/Embrace - Abrazo(To have) sex - (Tener) sexoTo do love - Hacer el amorSweet - DulcePassion - PasiónPassionate - Apasionado/aLust - LujuriaDesire - Deseo

Armed v all this brand-new knowledge, language have to be no obstacle to declare her love, watch a telenovela, or create a love letter.