Snowpoint City is a small, cold, snowy city. Besides trading a Haunter for a Medicham in the home at the north-western corner of the city, the just other point of attention is the Gym, where you"ll battlethrough a bunch that Ice-type Pokemon for your seventh badge. Here we go!

Ice and also Snow

The floor of this Gym is made of slippery ice with snowballs together obstacles.You"ll have to slide long sufficient on the ice, gaining sufficient momentum, in order to break with the eye balls and reach the gym leader. If youdon"t gain sufficient momentum and hit a snow ball or slide onto a little patch of snow, girlfriend will stop moving.

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It looks prefer a an overwhelming task at first, and if you try to move around, that gets increasingly frustrating. However, save your goal in sight;that is, you desire to with the Gym Leader, who deserve to be reached if you go right after going down the very first set that steps. Over there aresix snowballs blocking her path. Three of them room tightly packed on the lowest level (which ns shall call level 4). Two space on the secondlowest level (level 3), top top either next of the 3 snowballs. The last snowball is behind every one of the, top top the third lowest/second highestlevel (level 2) So, let"s crack these snowballs one by one, beginning with the solitary snowball ~ above level 3 (again, that"s the second lowest level).

Once you enter the Gym, relocate forward on the iceless soil as much as friend can, just prior to you touch any ice. Slide to the right, stoppingat the snowball, and move up double to the second snow patch. On slide left and you"ll gain sufficient momentum come crush a snowball ~ above level 3. Clearing this snowball increase will offer you more room to move around. Now, go onto the eye patch on level 1 by going up the bottom-left steps. Youwill be utilizing the bottom-left steps every solitary time, therefore make sure you understand what I"m referring to. The is likewise shown in the screenshot. Walk up one eye patch, struggle the wall surface on the left by taking one step, and slide up one patch. On slide right, and also you"ll remove the last row of the snowballs top top level 4. Take the bottom-left actions up come level 1, walk down and then right. You have to be ~ above the 2nd patch. Slide up to acquire to the other finish of the Gym, take a left, go down, and slide ideal to smash the level 3 snowball. On slide left and also go increase the bottom-left procedures yet again. Go down one patch and also slide come the 3rd patch (one more patch come the best than previously), which is top top the right side the the Gym. Slide up, left, and also down to gain to the job on level 3. Slide ideal to quit yet one more row. Do the very same thing over, going increase the bottom-left steps and sliding right; except this time, go one more patch come the appropriate (the 2nd patch on the appropriate side that the Gym). Now slide up, action left come the adjacent patch, down, and also left to smash one more row. Use the bottom-left measures yet again (by now, girlfriend should have noticed the pattern, return we"re practically finished), however slide every the way up until you hit a snowball. Slide right to smash the final snowball top top level 2. You"re done! now all you have todo is use the bottom-left actions to get ago near the entrance and go straight for the Gym Leader!

Candice, the Gym Leader, uses a lv. 38 Snover, a lv. 38 Sneasel, a lv. 40 Medicham, and also a lv. 42 Abomasnow. Beating her earns you the Icicle Badge, which enables you to use Rock Climb outside of battle. She"ll alsogive you TM72 - Avalanche. Now it"s time to inspect out Lake Acuity.

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Lake Acuity

Go ago west onto Acuity Lakefront and enter right into Lake Acuity. You"ll find Rival and also Commander Jupiter by the lake, finishingup a battle and putting each other down. Commander Jupiter leaves for Team Galactic"s headquarters in Veilstone City. Rival leaves also.Surf come the north-east edge of the lake to pick up TM14 - Blizzard. Afterwards, fly end to Veilstone City.