Elephant JokesQ: What carry out you contact an elephant v a an equipment gun?A: Sir.Q: What carry out you contact an elephant attract pink earmuffs and a dress?A: Anything girlfriend want. The can"t hear you.Q: Why perform elephants stand on marshmallows?A: therefore they won"t autumn in the warm chocolate.Q: how do you get down native an elephant?A: friend don"t, you gain down indigenous a duck.Q: Why is one elephant big, grey, and wrinkly?A: due to the fact that if it were small, white, and also smooth it would certainly be an Aspirin.Q: What"s grey and white on the inside and red on the outside?A: an inside-out elephant.Q: What"s grey and also not there?A: No elephants.Q: exactly how do you shoot a blue elephant?A: v a blue elephant gun.Q: exactly how do friend shoot a red elephant?A: host its nose till it transforms blue and then shoot it v a blue elephant gun.Q: just how do friend shoot a eco-friendly elephant?A: Tell the a dirty hoax so it transforms red, suffocate it till it turns blue, and also then shoot it through a blue elephant gun.Q: how do friend shoot a yellow elephant?A: have actually you ever seen a yellow elephant?Q: just how do you gain an elephant into a cherry tree?A: tree a seed and also have the elephant was standing on it. Q: just how does an elephant obtain down native a cherry tree?A: the doesn"t, that gets down from a duck.Q: just how do you get an elephant the end of a tree?A: stand it top top a leaf and also wait until autumn.Q: Why walk the elephant loss out of the tree?A: due to the fact that it to be dead.Q: Why go the 2nd elephant autumn out the the tree?A: It to be glued come the an initial one.Q: Why did the third elephant loss out of the tree?A: It thought it to be a game.Q: Why go the tree autumn down?A: It assumed it to be an elephant.Q: How many legs go an elephant have?A: Four: two in the front and also two in the back.Q: How countless elephants can you fit into a VW bug?A: Four: 2 in the front and two in the back.Q: exactly how do you gain an elephant in a VW bug?A: open up the car door, placed the elephant inside, and also close the door.Q: how do you get an elephant right into a fridge?A: open the VW door, take the elephant out, close the VW door, open the fridge, placed the elephant inside, and also close the fridge.Q: how do you know that an elephant is in your fridge?A: Footprints in the butter.Q: exactly how do you recognize that two elephants are in her fridge?A: 2 sets the footprints in the butter.Q: how do you recognize that 3 elephants space in her fridge?A: friend can"t near the door.Q: how do you recognize that four elephants are in her fridge?A: There"s a VW pest parked external it.Q: exactly how do you acquire eight elephants into a fridge?A: Put 4 in a VW pest and four in another VW bug, and also put both VWs in the fridge.Q: Why space there so countless elephants to run around cost-free in the jungle?A: The refrigerator isn"t huge enough to host them all.Q: The lion gathered every the pets for a meeting, and all of them confirmed up except the elephants. Why?A: They to be stuck in the VW bug.Q: How numerous giraffes deserve to you to the right in a VW bug?A: None, the elephants room in there.Q: What perform you contact two elephants top top a bicycle?A: Optimistic.Q: What do you acquire if you take it an elephant into the city?A: complimentary parking.Q: What do you get if you take it an elephant come work?A: sole use that the elevator.Q: just how do you recognize that one elephant is at a pub?A: Its bicycle is outside.Q: just how do you recognize that two elephants room at a pub?A: There"s a dent in the bicycle"s cross-bar.Q: how do you recognize that three elephants are at a pub?A: stand on the bike and also look in the window.Q: Why carry out elephants stay tiny eco-friendly hats?A: to sneak throughout a pool table without gift seen.Q: how do you recognize that one elephant is under her bed?A: Your sleep is poignant the ceiling.Q: Why space elephants wrinkled?A: lock don"t fit on ironing boards.Q: What does a infant elephant end up being after she is five weeks old?A: six weeks old.Q: Why perform elephants wear sandals?A: So that they don"t sink in the sand.Q: Why carry out ostriches stick their heads in the sand?A: come look for the elephants who forgot to wear their sandals.Q: What"s the difference in between an elephant and a blueberry?A: They"re both blue, other than for the elephant.Q: What go Tarzan say when he saw 1,000 elephants coming over the hill?A: "Look, there are 1,000 elephants coming end the hill."Q: What walk Jane say?A: here come the blueberries. (Jane was colorblind.)Q: What walk Tarzan say once he saw 1,000 elephants put on sunglasses coming over the hill?A: Nothing, that didn"t acknowledge them.Q: exactly how do you do a dead elephant float?A: take 10 dead elephants, 10 tons of coco ice-cream, 5 lots of bananas .

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. .Q: Why execute ducks have flat feet?A: native stamping out forest fires.Q: Why do elephants have flat feet?A: indigenous stamping the end flaming ducks.Q: Why isn"t it for sure to walk onto the lily pads in between 4 and also 6 in the afternoon?A: That"s as soon as the elephants space walking ~ above the lily pads.Q: Why space frogs for this reason short?A: They walk onto the lily pads between 4 and 6 in the afternoon.Q: Why shouldn"t you get in the woods in ~ 5 o"clock?A: That"s when the elephants exercise parachute jumping.Q: What"s a furry alligator?A: A bear that entered the woods at 5 o"clock.Q: Why are pygmies therefore short?A: castle can"t phone call time.Q: Why carry out elephants paint the soles of their feet yellow?A: So the they have the right to hide upside-down in bowls that custard.Q: Does it work?A: have you ever discovered an elephant in your custard?Q: exactly how do you avoid an elephant indigenous charging?A: Take far his credit card.Q: What do you provide a seasick elephant?A: numerous room.Q: Why do elephants lied on their backs?A: To expedition low flying canaries.Q: how do you happen an elephant under a door?A: placed it in one envelope and also slide that under.Q: What if the envelop doesn"t fit?A: eliminate the rubber stamp and shot again.Patient: "Doctor, I keep seeing pink and yellow elephants."Doctor: "Have you viewed a psychiatrist?"Patient: "No, just pink and also yellow elephants."