I shot to turn a Pokestop, it claims my bag is full however I don"t have any Pokeballs left. Why is this happening?



The items space not restricted in quantity, as lengthy you have totally free space on your bag, therefore doesn"t need to be pokeballs that will certainly fill the bag. (Which means for example, Potions can fill the whole bag space, for this reason leaving no space for your other items choose pokeballs.)

Your bag contains all perform items, while pokemons that have been caught have a different storage. Inventory items include:

PokeballsPotionsA Camera IncubatorsRevivesIncensesBerriesLure Modules

Each item will certainly count as 1 room in her bag.

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How come have much more space for her bag?

Click the rubbish Bin symbol beside the article you desire to remove, then input a quantity of that item you want to be removed

Upgrade her bag.


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Pokeballs space not the only item in her Inventory.

Potions, Revives, and also Razz Berries likewise count towards your bag count.

To clear the end your bag, you deserve to tap the Pokeball and select your Bag. Native there, fight the Trash can to gain rid of any type of excess items.

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