Quel âge as-tu? / Quel âge avez-vous?

In this lesson you will learn exactly how to say how old are you in French. You’ll additionally learn exactly how to say her age. To ask, say: “Quel âge as-tu?” This precise means, “What age have you?” This is informal and also you’d usage it for somebody who is your age or younger.

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If you’re talking to a stranger or somebody older 보다 yourself you’ll need to use the formal: Quel âge avez-vous?” once you answer you say: “J’ai + number of years + ans“, which way “I have actually + Number + Years”. For example, to say I’m two decades old you’d say: “J’ai vingt ans“.

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Examples through audio

Hi, Marc! how old room you? I"m 17 years old.Salut, Marc! Quel âge as-tu? J’ai 17 (dix-sept) ans.
Hi, Marie! just how old room you? I"m 6 year old.Salut, Marie! Quel âge as-tu? J"ai 6 (six) ans.
Hi, Pascal! exactly how old space you? I"m 25 years old.Salut, Pascal! Quel âge as-tu? J’ai 25 (vingt-cinq) ans.
Hi, Francoise! exactly how old space you? I"m 22 years old.Salut, Françoise! Quel âge as-tu? J"ai (vingt-deux) ans.
Hi, Patrice! how old space you? ns am 12 years old.Salut, Patrice! Quel âge as-tu? J’ai (douze) ans.
Hello, Robert! how old space you? I"m 65 years old.Bonjour, Robert! Quel âge avez-vous? J’ai 65 (soixante-cinq) ans.
Hello, Gertrude! how old room you? I"m 82 year old.Bonjour, Gertrude! Quel âge avez-vous? J’ai 82 (quatre-vingts deux) ans.

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