Tired the not discovering other ways to answer various other than “bien” when civilization ask you exactly how you room in Spanish? In today’s blog post, I’ll explain how come say “I’m fine” in Spanish favor a true regional so you have actually other options to the basic “bien”. Save reading!

Ahí vamos.

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This literally method “there we go”, return it can’t be analyzed literally, since in English this phrase is offered to encourage others. Here’s an example of how it’s used in English: stop say she jogging and trying to complete X kilometers in a certain amount the time and also you regulate to execute it. In English, you will do say “there we go”. Conversely, if who asked “how room you?” in English, no one would answer “there us go”.

No me quejo.

In this case, the literal meaning translation would be “I don’t complain”. We use this expression come say the “we can’t complain” since life is walking pretty well in general. So, if life’s treating you alright, this is the expression for you!

Bien, tirando.

This is among weirdest methods to say i’m fine in Spanish if you stick to the literal meaning. What does it in reality mean? “Pulling”. Yes, ns serious! It would be choose saying the we’re pulling our way through life v its moment of happiness and challenges.


You could photo this choose someone pulling on something; however, that doesn’t have the connotation the difficulty, the would merely be something favor we’re “hanging in there” or “pressing on” or “pushing forward”.

Aquí, trabajando.

In Spanish we use the building and construction “aquí (here) + the verb in a gerund form” relying on what we’re doing in ~ the time. So, if you run into someone at the supermarket and they ask how you’re doing, you can say “aquí, comprando” (here, buying). On the other hand, if you’re in her room going over the materials of today’s lesson and also your brother comes in and asks just how you are, you can say “aquí, estudiando” (“here, studying”).

See? currently you have actually a more comprehensive range of methods to say ns fine in Spanish as well as the classic “bien” and also can prize the means a local would in an informal situation. If you also want choices for “cómo estás” or “qué tal”, i recommend that you have actually a look in ~ this article.

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And if you’re hope to speak genuine Spanish as talked in the streets, think about hiring a Spanish teacher to teach girlfriend what can not be uncovered in a book.