Just choose numbers, human body parts and other teams of vocabulary, it have the right to be hard to remember every the various words because that colors — especially because there are literally hundreds of them! Fortunately, knowing just 10 or 15 color in French is sufficient to gain you by in many situations. Plus, now we’ll teach you some hacks you deserve to use for describing colors as soon as you’re not certain of the exact word.

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Bleu, Blanc, Rouge: find out the Most crucial Colors in French

Colors also aid us come express emotions through language. Every language uses vibrant expressions, and also different societies use different colors for various situations. For example, in English us say that someone is green with envy if they’re really jealous. Yet in French, us say être vert de rage, or eco-friendly with anger.

In this post, we’ll look at at few of the most necessary colors supplied in daily life, different words you can use to include precision, and also a few common French expressions through colors.

Colors together adjectives in French

Like most adjectives in French, colour usually have actually to complement the noun they describe, both in sex (masculine or feminine) and number (singular or plural). Don’t worry, it’s not as well complicated. Because that colors that don’t end in e, add one to do it feminine. Add an s to any kind of color to make it plural.

So for example, a fish (un poisson) is masculine, however a whale (une baleine) is feminine:


Un poisson bleu — a blue fishUne baleine bleue — a blue whaleDes poissons bleus — part blue fishesDes baleines bleues — part blue whales

Colors the are called for objects (like coral or salmon), and colors with more than one word (light blue, blue-green, rust red, salmon pink), room “invariable.” That way they don’t change based on gender or number. In the list of colors below, you’ll watch an (e) and also (s)if these letters must be included for feminine and plural forms.

Primary Colors

Rouge(s) — RedJaune(s) — YellowBleu(e)(s) — Blue

Être rouge de confusion — to it is in super embarrassed.

Être la lanterne rouge — to be in last place.

Un rire jaune — a required laugh.

Franchir la ligne jaune — to cross the line; overstep a boundary.

Avoir une peur bleue — come be yes, really scared.

Être fleur bleue — to be the romantic sort.

Secondary Colors

Secondary colors room made from various combinations of primary colors.

Vert(e)(s) — GreenOrange(s) — OrangeViolet(te)(s) — Purple

Avoir le pouce vert — have actually a environment-friendly thumb; be an excellent at gardening.

Être vert de rage — come be very angry.

Apporter des oranges à quelqu’un – to visit someone in the hospital or in prison. You can be acquainted with the British legacy of bringing grapes to who in the hospital. Exact same idea, different fruit!

Voir des anges violets — to be a dreamer; come have large dreams the one stops working to realize.

Faire (du) feu violet — to live beyond one’s means; to have a passing an elaborate for something. (This one is rather outdated, though, and a an ext common expression this day would be “feu de paille,” i beg your pardon translates approximately to “a speed in the pan.”)

Tertiary Colors

Mixes the one primary and one secondary color.

Sarcelle(s) — TealVert(e)(s) citron or chartreuse(s) — Lime greenBrun(e)(s) or Marron(s) — Brown

Aller de la brune à la blonde — to walk for all various kinds of men or women, romantically.

À la brune — in ~ dusk; just before sunset.

Other common colors

Rose(s) — PinkMagenta — MagentaCorail — CoralCramoisi(e)(s) — CrimsonBleu marine — navy blueTurquoise(s) — TurquoiseCyan — CyanKaki — KhakiVert olive — Olive greenIvoire — IvoryBeige(s) — BeigeGris(e)(s) — GrayGris charbon — Charcoal grayNoir(e)(s) — BlackBlanc(he)(s) — WhiteArgenté(e)(s) — SilverDoré(e)(s) — GoldMulticoloré(e)(s) — Multicolored

Voir la vie en rose — come wear rose-colored glasses; check out the human being optimistically.

Broyer du noir — To watch the civilization pessimistically.

De but en blanc — all of a sudden; unexpectedly.

Describing shades

You can use adverbs to explain colors in French the same means you can in English. Due to the fact that they’re comprised of more than one word, castle don’t readjust based on number or gender.

Bleu foncéDark blueVert clairLight greenJaune vifBright yellow

When you’re not sure exactly how to describe a color, you deserve to use the suffix -âtre, which is prefer the suffix –ish in English:

Rougâtre — ReddishJaunâtre — YellowishBlanchâtre — WhitishVerdâtre — Greenish

Notice that for some colors, favor blanc (white) and vert (green), the source changes. These type of exceptions just need to it is in memorized, but there aren’t many of them.

Learn come Say color in French

We made this YouTube video to aid you learn exactly how to pronounce all the colors debated above. The video clip is in French, with subtitles in English, German, Spanish, Italian, and also Portuguese. You have the right to slow down the playback rate by clicking on the settings symbol at the bottom right.

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How come Memorize the colour in French

The best method to remember color (any vocab, really) in the lengthy run is with a spaced repeat system, prefer the one provided in dearteassociazione.org Premium (Web & Mobile). Basically, this technique relies onstudying color in French right prior to you’re around to forget them. Little bit by bit, you’ll finish up committing all of them come your irreversible memory! you can discover out an ext about the spaced repetition system here. A the majority of these colors are already included in her dearteassociazione.org French app, but you can always include custom flashcards for various other colors you want to learn.

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